#THC2020 | An Interview with Dominic Ratliff of Happy Hemp Farmacy LLC

Cover Photo Cred to HHF

In this article:

  • Introduction
  • Start of Happy Hemp Pharmacy
  • Traveling to The Texas Hemp Convention
  • Dominic’s Growing Background
  • Challenges to Licencing
  • 7-Pack Premium Hemp Pre-rolled Flower
  • Maintaning Patience
  • Advice  
  • What’s Next

It was easy to get lost in the lights and movement at the Texas Hemp Convention. However, Dominic Ratliff with Happy Hemp Farmacy was there for one reason only. The people.

Introduce yourself to the people.

My name is Dominic from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I’ve been a hemp farmer as well as a medicinal practitioner for about four years now. I switched over to CBD since [cannabis] isn’t legal in Tennessee, to help people with anxiety, insomnia and stuff like that. 

It’s legal for me to grow [hemp] with our Tennessee Department of Agriculture License, and I just want to put out quality craft products for people that they can enjoy.

Tell us how Happy Hemp Pharmacy got started.

Happy Hemp Farmacy LLC is pharmacy fresh. My friend was a business major at the University of Tennessee. He knew I was growing out on the West Coast. One day I saw him, and he had already started in the brand. I came up to him like, Yo, I grow and I have a lot of experience in it! We just came together.

His brother’s a chemical engineer, so he does all of the formulation. We put a little ad on Facebook for another farmer. This guy in Chattanooga reached out but was growing medicinal headed in Detroit.

We all came together to form this brand. We all have different expertise that keeps the company going.

Always, be dedicated.

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#THC2020 | Interview with Tayelor Kennedy, Co-Owner of The Peridot Group

Cover Photo Cred to THE PERIDOT GROUP

In this article:

  • Introduction
  • Traveling to The Texas Hemp Convention
  • Ensuring less than 3% THC
  • Challenges in the industry
  • Advice  

Vendors at the #THC2020 traveled from a far to help further hemp market growth in Texas. Tayelor Kennedy from The Peridot Group did just that with some advice on how to enter the space using what’s right in front of you.

Introduce yourself to the people

Hey. So my name is Tayelor Kennedy co-owner of The Peridot Group in Colorado. We do premium CBD and CBG hemp seeds & clones – industrial hemp seeds, smokable hemp, custom soil design and implementation. Whatever your need even white label oil, we can get it for you.

What motivated you to travel to The Texas Hemp Convention?

So, we figured it was good to come down to introduce Peridot. Hemp can take care of your whole family and it can change the world. We wanted to help Texas do it to get on their feet the right way. You know, how to use the right soil with the right nutrients and the right program for watering. We make sure they don’t get hot seeds to do it legally. We give you all the steps to get it done.

Hemp can take care of your whole family, and it can change the world.

Taylor Kennedy

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