Niches Get Riches

Our Purpose: To build financial wellness through education and economic empowerment in the hemp market.

Most people don’t focus on their authenticity in the market, and end up nowhere close as they should be to profitability. I can help you finally get focused on your niche through training and guidance from me, to start positioning your idea today.

Niches Get Riches is an 8-week interactive coaching program where I take you step by step to help you apply predictable systems to help you dramatically increase your number of leads, prospects, and conversions.

At Niches Get Riches, I’ll help you:

  • Create your authentic niche that’s equipped to evolve with public opinion and legislation.
  • Tap into trending and under-represented groups
  • Create your social media strategy that marks your digital footprint.
  • Develop a media strategy that grows your followers and sales.
  • Position yourself as an authority, “BECAUSE” of your background.
  • Increase your number of leads, prospects, and conversions.

Program Details

  • We meet once a week for 1 hour over 8 weeks. It’s all done over Zoom. The program is broken into major milestones I’ll help you accomplish. 
  • During our live coaching sessions, I’ll walk you through that week’s lesson and we’ll do an activity together, I’ll answer any questions, and then you’ll get homework so you can continue taking action. 
  • It will be done in a small group so you’ll have my personal attention to hold you accountable and make sure you get the results you want. 
  • Commitment is about 2 hours per week for our live session + homework.

Benefits of the Program

You will have:

  • Access to #NGR’s private group coaching program
  • Clear road map & Niche Launch Checklist so you know EXACTLY what to do each week.
  • A networking community of support, resources and and ongoing guidance
  • A business plan specific to your niche success