Help! I’m looking for royalty-free cannabis pictures to share with my blog readers

A great way to promote your cannabis blog is by using attractive images. However, if you’re like most small businesses, you’re short on time and not a professional photographer. When you need free to affordable images to use in your blog, no doubt, it can be time-consuming to find an appropriate one.

To help with this dilemma, many sites offer free stock photos for all types of purposes.

So I have done the work for you, collected a list of sites with royalty-free cannabis images, and compiled them in one place for busy entrepreneurs who don’t have time to search for the perfect photo or don’t know where to find it.

Royalty-free sites with cannabis pictures to share with your blog readers


Cannaclusive celebrates the multitude of cultures that make up the cannabis community through incredible cannabis pictures.


Dreamstime holds a vast collection of professional stock photos that are enriched daily with pictures from talented contributors worldwide.


Depositphotos has a sizeable thematic collection of stock cannabis pictures, video, and music library to find exactly what you need for your blogs.

cannabis pictures

Figure out what you need the photo for. You might want a picture of a person smoking cannabis or a simple background image to use as an avatar.

After figuring out your needs, you can start looking at different sites offering those images.


Freepiks is an intelligent choice for creatives. If you search for photographs, you’ll find the right one on Freepik.


Canstockphoto makes searching stock images fast and easy, and you don’t need an account or subscription.

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Vecteezy has high-quality cannabis pictures for use in your blog posts. Whether you need a logo or a background, they have multiple options.

cannabis pictures

Use various keywords when your search for cannabis stock photos. You can use some terms: marijuana, cannabis, hemp, CBD, and 420.

Are you looking for a specific image? Try using more descriptive keywords such as “woman smoking cannabis.”


Stockvault offers hand-picked beautifully-shot images anyone can use to fit their blogging needs.


Unsplash is a fantastic site powered by creators everywhere. The site provides free, high-resolution pictures that you can use in your blog posts, social media posts, and more.


Freeimages allows you to search for an cannabis pictures, download the photo in high resolution and use it for whatever your heart desires!

cannabis pictures

Images can make your blog more appealing, so you should use the right pictures to send the right message.

Your photo should have a solid connection to the article and be relevant in some way.


123RF is a hub of creativity with many images, vectors, and illustrations on an easy-to-use interface that makes searching a breeze.

In a Hemp Shell

I hope this list has helped at least one person save time searching for images for their cannabis blog. Did you find this article helpful? Let us know in the comments below.

How to Write a Great Cannabis Listicle Post

A great cannabis listicle post is way to provide information in a concise, easy-to-read format for your cannabis blog.

A listicle post is an article that presents information as a list. This can be anything from lists of 10 best strains to lists of 30 tips for growing cannabis at home. Lists are easy to read and digest quickly, making them perfect for online content.

The definition of a listicle varies depending on who is doing the description. Some say it needs at least three items, while others say it needs to have ten or more.

The Basics of Writing a Great Cannabis Listicle Post

When writing a listicle, the first thing to do is to identify the topic you want to write about.

The topic of your listicle will determine the type of information you provide to readers, and it will also help you with the structure and format of your article.

Here are some examples:

  1. Top Online Dispensaries
  2. Best CBD Oils
  3. Best Strains For Night

Next, brainstorm ideas for the different items on the list and how they will be presented visually.

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Writing an outline is a great way to organize your thoughts before you start writing. This can help you save time because it will be easier to manage your ideas and create a concise piece of work.

Remember that outlines are not set in stone and can be changed once you start writing.

Once you’ve created an outline, it’s time to start writing!

6 Tips to a Great Cannabis Listicle Blog

Great Cannabis Listicle Post

Create a list that is easy to follow. When you are listing items, be concise.

Please ensure that the items in your list are complete sentences and that you track a logical order.

Great Cannabis Listicle Post

Use numbers to make the listicle more engaging.

When creating a listicle, the goal is to make the reader want to click through and read every point.

Great Cannabis Listicle Post

Keep it short and sweet – no more than ten items per listicle. Breaking it down into short, easy-to-read lists is a great way to keep your readers interested and engaged.

Think of the listicle as a trap for your readers – once they start reading the list, they won’t be able to stop.

Great Cannabis Listicle Post

Include images and videos in your listicle post. Adding images to your listicle posts can help improve engagement.

For example, people scroll through their news feed; they will find an image that catches their attention and want to learn more.

Great Cannabis Listicle Post

Make your listicle funny or exciting (or both). Let your personality loose.

Compile a list of the best/worst/craziest things about cannabis.

There is so much to cover!

Great Cannabis Listicle Post

Keep in mind that the headline is critical. Headlines are an essential part of any article, and they account for over 65% of the people who read your content and then decide if they want to keep reading or not.

Therefore, you should put thought into your headline and spend time on it before publishing anything.

In A Hemp Shell

Listicles are an excellent way to get your business noticed in the cannabis market. The structure of a listicle is easy to follow and gives readers clear direction on how to consume and engage in the information.

If you want to start blogging, creating a listicle is the way to go!

Tips for Cannabis Education Blogging

Cannabis education blogs are about creating content relevant to the plant and your brand, but you’re also trying to teach the reader something new.

Web visitors come to your brand for information to make informed decisions. Your content is essential when it comes to customer education, and this is because content helps to solve their problems.

Educational content marketing brings your readers up-to-date on topics related to your brand’s niche; instead of just pushing your product & leaving your customers. Educational content marketing teaches them what to expect from your brand so you can build trust and credibility.

It has a double advantage. One, it positions you as an expert in the niche market, and the other clears the haze on a frequently criticized plant. Although, we know that making an impact takes time and commitment.

In the cannabis space, each piece of content produced can enhance the loyalty of our audience.

Here are four tips for how we can best focus our energy when creating cannabis educational content.

Identify the Mood

People are undoubtedly becoming more conscious of the quality of their life. With the rise in awareness about the environment and climate change, people are making a conscious decision to live more sustainably by reducing waste and eating more locally sourced food.

A best blogging practice when you are gauging your reader’s mood is to ask yourself questions such as, is your audience keener to learn more about cannabis and depression or to try to cultivate the plant?

Intentionally develop content that resonates with your target audience’s urgent needs and desires.

Simplify the Products

Folks know less about cannabis than you would think. With the legalization of cannabis, a plethora more information is available about it. 

However, even with all this available information about cannabis, many misconceptions exist about its uses and effects.

The University of Michigan asked regular users what they considered appropriate doses of cannabis and CBD.

The study found that two-thirds of people consume cannabis daily, but the majority could not give a correct estimate for an appropriate dose.

A best blogging practice when simplifying your products for your readers is to start with the basics. You are answering questions such as what are:

  • Cannabinoids.
  • The difference between cannabis and hemp.
  • A topic is specific to your niche, like CBD for African-American Menopausal Women.

Develop a Content Niche

We should carve out a space for ourselves in our journey to communicate the plant to our audience. People’s senses are stimulated by so much content that they only tune in to important topics.

Comprehending the demands and interests of your target market can give you a better idea of what to write about and how to best position yourself as an authority on the subject matter.

When you are Developing a Content Niche for your blog, a best blogging practice is to ask questions like – What do people ask me the most about cannabis? What is the #1 reason why I use cannabis?

Get to know yourself in the space. Then write about it!

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Serialize it

After you have developed your content, think about how you can use it differently. Here, you will have the luxury of delving deeper into a topic by exploring its subject in greater depth.

You will retain the chance to discover more about the intricacies and nuances often glossed over in other readings. In addition, you will be building a history as that topic’s expert for your community.

Which topics do you discuss with your cannabis audience? Let us know in the comments below.


Tips for Successful Educational Content Marketing in Cannabis – Enthuse Marketing (

5 Innovations In Cannabis Technology That Could Reshape The Industry

First Published on WEEDSPEEK.COM

Cannabis is not only the fastest growing industry, but it is also one of the most innovative spaces of our time. Every day new products and services are popping up. So companies are always looking for creative ways to stand out in the cannabis industry.

With that and the recent push toward global legalization, the worlds of technology and cannabis are colliding head-on. Both fields are helping to improve virtually every aspect of the cannabis industry, from growing to cultivation and regulation.

And with good reason. The cannabis industry is brimming with a $43 billion market by 2025. Moreover, technology has the power to change how people consume cannabis, how they interact with dispensaries, and how they view cannabis. 

Keep reading to find out about five innovations in technology that could radically reshape the cannabis industry.

green circuit board

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Cannabis Technology

Cannabis consumption is something that varies drastically from one person to another. Variations are due to two reasons. 

First, individuals have different biochemical profiles that are unique to their genetics, lifestyle, and environment. Plus, cannabis strains are essentially different varieties of the same plant. Some have more CBD, THC, or other chemicals.

Secondary factors could also affect how cannabis affects someone’s body, such as:

  • The amount of cannabis you’re consuming
  • How often you’re using it
  • What other medications you’re taking

Because of this, A.I. machine learning technology allows cannabis companies to gather an extensive amount of data. This information can give insight into what combination of ingredients consumers want, including how often they want it.

Having a quality customer experience is essential, and it’s no different for cannabis brands. A.I. can help companies predict changing trends so they can offer their consumers the best possible experience.

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Seed-to Sale Inventory Tracking Technology

One of the most significant benefits of legal cannabis sales is that consumers can buy quality products. Likewise, customers should have trust in what they’re consuming. Therefore, increasing loyal cannabis consumers serve manufacturers, dispensary owners, and everyone connected to the cannabis marketplace.

In comes inventory tracking technology. This innovation does for the cannabis industry just as the name says – track inventory. It helps companies cut down on theft, comply with state regulations, and increase their margins. Accordingly, companies can quickly identify discrepancies in their inventory. And, they can see where their product is coming from and where it is going. 

Most important, inventory tracking technology is a proven success for cannabis companies that comply with state laws. Furthermore, it allows businesses to improve their customer service by knowing which products they stock.

iphone showing QR code

Smart Packaging Technology

In today’s cannabis industry, embedded or smart technology gives businesses a range of functionality. A product’s package is just a critical as its contents. Like phones and T.V.’s, packaging can be innovative.

Smart packaging technology uses the internet to provide consumers unique content or value-added digital experiences. According to research from Smithers Pira in “The Future of Active & Intelligent Packaging,” the Smart packaging market is projected to increase an annual average rate of 5.9%, thereby reaching $7.56 billion by 2023.

Q.R. codes and NFC tags feasibly combine into packaging fit for pharmacy shelves. Combining the two allows consumers to scan a code with their phones and get information like potency, dosage, and lab results.

In addition, NFC tags are programmable to show opened or altered products. Most important, they can verify the authenticity of a product, which is a critical when the illicit market makes thousands of counterfeit items every year.

Man sitting a desk wear VR goggles

Virtual Reality Cannabis Technology

Cannabis companies have been making use of virtual reality technology to offer customers an immersive experience. With the help of V.R., people can take virtual tours inside a cannabis shop and view cannabis being grown without leaving home.

By using a digital 3D scanning process, V.R. can create a strain library, scientific lab data and user reviews for customers to make educated decisions about their purchases. All without going to a physical dispensary.

Looking ahead at cannabis technology, V.R. will play a significant role in shaping cannabis consumption. V.R. is on target to define our cannabis experiences from facilities to modernizing how we use it.

In fact, MMJ patients can look forward to extended comfort with e-commerce and V.R. dispensaries.

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Robot hand

Robot Technology

The world of manufacturing is changing significantly. Robots now handle many of the tasks that humans have done for years. It is only at the early stages of making an impact in the cannabis market. Thereby, it could provide many opportunities.

Robot technology is used for indoor or outdoor operations to harvest and help process products from seed to sale—for example, cultivation, harvesting, or even in laboratory applications for refining oil.

Israel-based company Seedo, for instance, started selling mini fridge-sized cannabis farms for personal use. The technology offered computerized systems and climate control for home-based cannabis growing.

Seedo promised controlled conditioned cannabis ‘from seed to flower’ without leaving your home. Now, they aim to take a step further with what Seedo calls the ‘world’s first automated cannabis farm, using not only A.I.-based technology but also robotic arms.

In The End

Regardless if you’re already in the cannabis industry or are just interested in learning more about it, there will be more to see how cannabis technology reshapes the way we enjoy the plant.


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Puffn Pretty | Here is Why Everyone Should Have Smoking Sets in Their Life

I am going to get straight to it. The best smoking accessories are the Pretty Smoking Tray and Grinder Set. The Pretty Smoking Set is the namesake and flagship product of the Puffn Pretty brand.

New states are legalizing cannabis for recreational use every year. Its little wonder smoking accessories are in significant demand. It’s not just the stereotypical “stoner” either- people of all walks of life are turning to stylish accessories to match cannabis’s posh status. The right piece can elevate smoking to a luxurious experience.

Puffn Pretty accessories are my absolute favorite. The reason is, they are lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. They are a convenient size for any smoking situation. This is true from group sessions to solo puffing. And, if this wasn’t enough for you, check out even more reasons why this smoking set should be your new favorite!

What is Puffn Pretty?

Puffin Pretty is a Dallas, Texas-based cannabis smoking accessory brand and community for fellow Canna Mamas and female smokers. They strive to elevate your smoking experience with exclusive branded accessories and merchandise.

Puffn Pretty’s purpose is to support and help change the stigmas around women who smoke weed. They want women who smoke to feel comfortable and confident in their decision and free from judgment’s stigma.

Founder and CEO Tracey Schultz is an African-American woman and an advocate for cannabis. With that, she adds a unique perspective to the industry because she uses cannabis to manage her multiple sclerosis symptoms. Queen Tracey is determined to show up in the industry as her best self, dedicated to total well-being with two princesses as her motivation.

What Are Smoking Accessories?

Cannabis can be enjoyed in a plethora of ways, including through edibles and topicals. However, the most common way to enjoy cannabis is by smoking it.

Smoking accessories, also known as smoking devices, come in various shapes and sizes. Most innovative styles are to enhance your puffing pleasure. 

In comparison, smoking accessories are becoming evermore fashionable than a decade ago. The world of cannabis products could take over drinking-inspired decor such a portable bars, martini glasses, and wall art.

Here are a few must-have smoking accessories to keep on deck:

Cannabis businesses like Puffn Pretty help normalize weed into your daily life by celebrating the culture, rather than hiding it.

What Are Smoking Sets?

A Puffn Pretty smoking set comprises accessories for people who want to roll and smoke their flower on the go or in a space where it’s unsuitable. The point of smoking sets is to create a workspace with all of your wellness essentials within arms reach.

Equally, it also never hurts for your smoking set to be attractive to the eye. Smoking trays, blunt holders, and grinders can make for a good conversation piece when and if you entertain fellow puffers.

Puffn Pretty Smoking Set Holographic Grinder and Rolling Tray

Four Reasons Pretty Smoke Sets Should Be Your Favorite Accessories

1. Smoking Sets Offer Piece of Mind

Smoke sets may be high-touch surfaces, therefore routine sanitation is needed to reduce the risk of contracting viruses. While CDC guidelines say the surface transmission of coronavirus is unlikely, Pretty Smoking Set’s metal material makes for an easy wipe down with an alcohol pad. It will give the item a nice shimmer while adding extra peace of mind.

2. Puffn Pretty Smoking Sets Are Empowering.

They make you feel just what they say – pretty while puffing. Women are often ridiculed for their smoking habits. This new brand aims to break down the stigma against smoking women. They are working hard to create a positive image that will counteract society’s negativity about us.

3. The Pretty Smoke Trays Make Rolling Up Your Puff Much Easier. 

The flat metal base makes it stable on most surfaces. One benefit of a tray is it catches nugget crumbs while emptying your flower. You can find Pretty Smoking Trays in various colors, so it is easy to find one right for your lifestyle.

4. Pretty Grinders Will Transform Your Smoking Experience.

They are highly durable and perfect for grinding up fresh flowers to a fine consistency. Here is how a four-piece grinder looks: 

Puffn Pretty Smoking set Holographic 4 piece grinder
  • Top magnetic layer. 
  • Sharp teeth to grind the herb
  • Pollen screen to catch the herb particles that fall beneath it
  • Base chamber to hold the kief

Shop Puffn Pretty Now!

In Conclusion

Many women are searching for the perfect smoking set for their style and are overwhelmed with endless options. Puffn Pretty is a brand that provides a one-stop-shop to elevate any smoking experience to the highest in style. They make it more comfortable to master the art of rolling by providing space to perfect our craft by keeping what we need right where we would like it. They have everything. So – stop wasting time looking for smoking sets online and get it at


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#Relevnt | An Interview with Cintia Morales, Co-Founder of Higher Education Hemp Tours

In this weeks podcast, we interviewed Cintia Morales Co-Founder of Austin, Texas based Higher Education Hemp Tours. We talk about how Hemp Tours came about, why she’s fighting to educate people, and her thoughts on cannabis marketing.

Let’s Get Lifted!

Drops or salve; Why?

Salves, bc I can apply it on almost anything!

If you could be a cannabis superhero, who would you be?

Tejana Terpenes

What are your top 2 smoking songs?

Any Dre & Snoop song has my vote.

Dab into Business!

How did Higher Education Hemp Tours get started; why?

In 2018, I was at a crossroads with my career and decided to take a break. At that time, my friend/business partner Leah, was going through something similar. Seeing that I was on a break, I decided to accompany her to Kentucky to learn more about hemp. As a result, we realized that we wanted to be in the space.

After the 2019 Texas Hemp Bill passed, and we were able to start realizing this dream.

We followed our strong suites (teaching and business consulting) to create Higher Education Hemp Tours – an educational consulting team for new consumers and entrepreneurs in the industry.

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What’s Higher Education Hemp Tours’ niche in the cannabis space? Why?

Education & Consulting. We call it EduTainment. In other words, we curate unique experiences, and educational materials for consumers and brands. We do not sell any products.

Did you face any legal or criminal barriers to cannabis entry?

Just the normal legal barriers with our legal team and accountant team trying to explain the space. And, having our process payment shut down time and time again because our customers are cannabis businesses.

What are some talents, skills, experience, and knowledge you transferred to cannabis.

Teaching! That has been my passion for years. I have been an educator for over 15 years now and luckily that has been an easy transition to this.

What are some talents, skills, experience, and knowledge you picked up while in the cannabis space?

I’ve genuinely picked up having and setting boundaries. Unfortunately not everyone in the industry is here to help out the community and only really want to help themselves. I’ve learned to say no to the right people.

What tech tools did you use to start Higher Education Hemp Tours?

Sooooo many; where do we begin. For our online courses, we use the Teachable platform. We use Clickfunnels for our website. In addition, we use Canva, Later, Flowpage, and MailChimp to create content.

How does Higher Education Hemp Tours stand out from other brands within your target population?

Currently, we do not see many people doing what we are doing, so that is one way of standing out. However, the best way is that we work with Verified brands. Higher Education Hemp tours makes sure that the brands we present to the community, follow the following 5 things minimum: 

1) License: Reseller certificate and hemp license (if applicable)

2) Insurance: General Liability /Product Liability

3) ​Lab Testing: if retailing cannabinoid products, 3rd party full panel COAs available on request (if applicable)

4) ​Quality Products: no artificial additives or ingredients in products you manufacture or retail

​5) Attitude: a commitment to the future of the hemp industry

Tell us about Higher Education Hemp Tours’ top selling, promotional, or new product or service.

Our Top consulting service is our Inner Circle Business Builder. And our top event so far has been our SUP summer series: Stand up & Smoke.

Pass it Around!

What have been some of the highlights of marketing Higher Education Hemp Tours? Example.

Cross-marketing with some of the leaders in the industry has worked best. We have spoken at a variety of Cannabis and Hemp expos so being able to promote ourselves to our market with them has worked out great. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of restrictions when it comes to normal marketing strategies.

What have been some of the challenges Higher Education Hemp Tours faced with marketing?

Even though Higher Ed Hemp Tours are not “plant touching” we are still flagged in all socials and are not able to market like a normal business.

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What’s Higher Education Hemp Tours silver lining to challenges?

The silver lining is that it has forced us to think of ways to DIRECTLY communicate with our target audience, so we have switched to a lot more collaborations and content creating in a variety of platforms.

What are some best practices for advertising your brand?

Since we are not plant touching, and our focus is educating, we have teamed up and collaborated with already on going events that don’t have to do with cannabis or hemp. That 1) helps us reach a new audience 2)allows us to directly connect with new people.

What are some best practices for growing your audience on social media?

Be strategic, authentic, and smart about what you post. Make sure you are aware of the banned hashtags and wordings from some social media platforms. Also, tag and comment as much as you can! Interaction is key!

What’s some advice you have for folks that want to enter the space?

Take a look at the supply chain, the ENTIRE SUPPLY CHAIN, and see where your expertise would fit! Don’t try to do something you have never done without having the right team or people around you that can support and advise .

Do have you any specials, giveaways, discounts you’d like to share?

Higher Education Hemp Tours has special events coming up so follow our for all the upcoming events. We also share all of our partners sales and discounts there .


How can people reach Higher Education Hemp Tours?

+19567396174 or

Higher Education Hemp Tours Social media pages

Instagram: @hemptours ; @hempbusinessbuilder 

Facebook: @officialhemptours ; @hempbusinessbuilder

TikTok: @hemptours 

Twitter: @HEhemptours


Higher Education Hemp Tours Websites

Any Shout outs?

Shout outs to all of our Inner Circle group that has helped worked correctly for this plant and all of its history.

Smoking Pipes | What Every Puffer Should Know

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

Misconceptions loom about the origins of smoking pipes and when they came into existence. Equally, convinced people believe the Russians created them 2,400 years ago. Still, others say the United States started them in the 1930s. But the truth is, smoking pipes date back over five thousand years.

With that, if you know nothing about pipes except you can use them to consume tobacco or cannabis, your knowledge leads to Africa.

Archaeological Importance of Smoking Pipes

Usually, pottery or stone smoking pipes make up archaeological artifacts of past civilizations. That is to say; the materials last a long time in the ground. Moreover, if a dating process can classify style, smoking pipes are an indication of their creation.

What Archaeological Smoking Pipes Tell Us

We see that archaeologists have classified sites into two groups. Based on the type of pipes the groups used, they have organized the Afroasiatic’s and the Nilotic’s.

On the one hand, the Afroasiatic group used an elbow-bend style characterized by a long stem from the stone, clay, or wood base. Associated with this style of smoking pipe is tobacco.

The Nilotic, on the other hand, used a barrel-style smoking pipe. These are small clay pots found in Africa’s Eastern, Southern and Central areas. Attached to the chamber, is the barrel. Hence the name. Associated with this style of smoking pipe is often cannabis.

Unlike the Afroasiatic and Nilotic groups, it is unknown if preserved earth pipes from southern Africa exist.

Earth smoking pipes from southern Africa.

The Evolution of Smoking Pipes

Accordingly, smoking pipes have come a long way. Glass and metal now replace pottery, despite it was the one-time material of choice. In turn, people started getting creative with their designs to add an artistic touch.

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Three Types of Pipes:

Hand Pipes

Hand pipes are easy and portable, certainly making them one of the best ways to smoke on the go.


Bubblers are smoking pipes that use a flame to heat the smoke before reaching the mouthpiece. One type of bubbler has a removable bowl while the other is one piece. Similarly, both are portable and easy to clean.


The water cools off the smoke with a bong. Five pieces make up this smoking pipe:

  1. Water fills the base or bottom.
  2. Then, a tube fits into the bottom.
  3. The carb is a hole in the bottom of the pipe for clean airflow.
  4. Pack the bowl with the good-good.
  5. The percolator creates bubbles.


In conclusion, smoking pipes are an identifying symbol for Africans and a culture-marker for African Americans due to the group’s history with hemp plantations.

You can find different types of pipes on the market as a result of their evolution. The tradition is so widespread that many artists use pipes as their subject matter. Wooden, metal, and glass smoking pipes today come in different shapes and sizes. Some come with decorations such as beads, carvings, or patterns adorning them.

With that said, there is indeed a pipe for every smoker. That is to say; it’s not just the act of smoking that brings people together, but also the way they smoke together.

Do you think ancient smokers named their pipes like we do today? Let us know by dropping a picture below of your favorite smoking pipe. Don’t forget to let us know what you call it.


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How Texas Lawmakers Seek To Change Legalization Laws

Covid-19 disrupted Texas’ budget causing a $4.6 billion pit. Texas Democratic lawmakers are optimistic about legalizing and taxing recreational cannabis use. However, Texans are keeping calm about this happening anytime soon.

Legalization could hold a new source of revenue for the Lone Star State. Three lawmakers are posing legislation revealing the opportunities.

Democrat State Senator Roland Gutierrez filed SB 140, which would allow recreational use for adults 21 and older estimated at $3.2 billion in state incomings and 30,000 jobs. Gutierrez’s bill, also known as the “Real Solutions Act,” claims a tax on products to fund border security and schools. Importantly, it would make room for law enforcement to pursue serious offenses.

Democrat Jessica González filed House Bill 3248. In her bill, it provides counties to foster ordinances that would legalize recreational use of cannabis within their district. The bill stipulates a tax on cannabis products and revenue directed towards cannabis regulation, testing, quality control, and distribution to local governments for oversight. The Foundation School Fund would receive the remainder. 

González also filed HB 3249, which prohibits judges from issuing warrants for community supervision violations based on a positive THC drug test.

Democrat Representative and Chairwoman of the Public Health Committee Stephanie Klick filed HB 1535. The bill would expand on the current Texas Compassionate Use Program. Her legislation proposal would include Cancer, Chronic Pain, and PTSD for Veterans in its expansion. Further, it would allow adding new qualifying conditions to be done by the Department of State Health Services administrative rule-making process.

As aforementioned, the bills could transform Texas cannabis laws. Full legalization would be the most profound measure. However, there remain several traditionalists to be educated by the nontraditional groups.


Will Texas legalize marijuana in 2021? | TX Dispensaries


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You Will Never Believe How CBD Can Help Improve Your Intimate Life

The potential benefits of CBD could be ideal for men who do not want to take medications to treat anxiety-related erectile dysfunction.

Cannabidiol, aka CBD, is an organic component found in hemp plants. CBD has no psychoactive effects, which means you will not feel high. Nevertheless, CBD can provide numerous advantages that will enhance your life in your bedroom.

Here is how CBD could be just what is missing.

Benefits of CBD for Intimacy

Its widely recognized CBD inhibits inflammation, improves the blood supply, and quiets muscles in the body. It can lead to stronger orgasms for some women because of higher stimuli. It may even support others who have discomfort while they are trying to get their groove on.

Studies published in the Journal of Affective Disorders found that CBD lowered anxiety levels, stress, and depression. The potential benefit could be ideal for men who do not want to take medications to treat anxiety-related erectile dysfunction.

Another boudoir benefit is it improves receptiveness to touch and stimulation. So CBD serum may be just the thing if you need help rising to the occasion.

Besides, CBD offers inspiration to mindset. It increases the ecstasy neurotransmitter, anandamide, and oxytocin, known as the cupcake hormone. 

What are CBD Serums?

CBD serums differ from lubricants. Lubricates include ingredients such as glycerin that may cause inflammation and yeast infections. Serums are oil-based with lactobacillus ferment that helps to combat bacterial vaginosis or BV. It works to level the PH balance in the vaginal area. However, oils can weaken the durability of latex condoms.

It is best to apply or take CBD early. Doing so gives you sufficient time to feel its effects. To note, it could take some experimentation to find the right product to get you to your happy place. 

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In Conclusion

Bringing CBD into your bed-chamber is perhaps the furthest thing from your mind, but adding CBD before knocking the boots could be the perfect experience of intimacy that you are looking to have.

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Here’s What No One Tells You About Online Dispensaries

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Usage is increasing for online cannabis retailers, and their success has many factors. Most people may not live in places that have local dispensaries. Then some folks want their medical marijuana usage to be confidential. And others can not leave their home.

You may feel somewhat uncomfortable about shopping on a digital platform, but as long as you are knowledgeable, there are many advantages of purchasing marijuana from an online dispensary.

Here are three benefits to ordering cannabis online.

Effortless Experience

There is no need to worry if the dispensary is open. You can easily visit the website, select your medicine, and wait for its delivery to your mailbox. This option is perfect for people with medical conditions so they can avoid public transportation.

Plethora of Inventory

Online sites have bigger and better goods for their customers and a large assortment of choices. Besides, when you shop from these websites, you get quality items within minimum time. And, there is no rush for making buying decisions.


Since online dispensaries have a vast stock, they provide you with the same as in-store, but at discounted prices. Moreover, individuals suffering to pay their medical bills may take advantage of online weed dispensaries because of financial reasons.

As aforementioned, shopping online dispensary gives you access to an abundance of products and provides customers with a wide range of alternatives, all from the comfort of your couch. 

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