Bygone Drug Enforcement Field Testing Impacts Texas Entrepreneur

Texas H.B. 1325 immediately went into effect June 10, 2019, legalizing CBD products containing hints (0.3 or below) of THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis. However, field tests and crime labs in legalized states across the country struggle to keep up with policy. Zachary Miller, co-founder of Texas Remedy Hemp, was asleep in the car … Continue reading Bygone Drug Enforcement Field Testing Impacts Texas Entrepreneur

Moms Talk Cannabis Consumption

An interview with Sarah Moseley from Texas Cannabis Collective On last Saturday afternoon when temperatures reached in the 90’s, there was a cool conversation going on in Richardson, Texas. The Moms Talk Cannabis Consumption event was seamlessly organized by Annie Epley, founder Queens of Cannabis and Sarah Mosley from Texas Cannabis Collective.   Photo Courtesy of … Continue reading Moms Talk Cannabis Consumption


An interview with Rena McCain, Cannabis Activist and Influencer The death of Bushwick Bill, legendary founding member of the Houston group Geto Boys, has been a blow to the global hip hop culture. The Texas rapper lost his battle with cancer June 9th. As we shared Geto Boys memories, born and breed Houstonian, cancer survivor, … Continue reading GanjaGrrl420

Women, Wellness, and Weed

An Interview with Stacy Thompson of The Women of Cannabis Conference We're continuing to celebrate the A-Blazing mother's working the cannabis industry! I had the pleasure to sit down with mother of two, Stacy Thompson , CEO of Canna Closet. On this beautiful Spring day in #Texas, she shared her trials, triumphs, and excitement leading … Continue reading Women, Wellness, and Weed

Texas Cannabis Business Alliance

An interview with Trey Tijerina, founder of Texas Cannabis Business Alliance The #cannabis community consists of people from different walks of life, from diverse backgrounds. All with a vision. All with questions. Some ready to achieve personal control over their financial well-being. However, with consistently changing cannabis policies, Texans interested in entering the business can be unclear on … Continue reading Texas Cannabis Business Alliance

Texas Cannabis Association

An Interview with Paulita Gordon, Founder of Texas Cannabis Association The positive perception of #marijuana is growing in America. According to Pew Research Center, 74% of Millennials, 63% of Gen Xers, and 54% of Baby Boomers say #cannabis use should be legal. At the forefront of this change has, and always will be education.   … Continue reading Texas Cannabis Association

Cannabis Open Carry Walks

An Interview with Jody Ladd, COCW Cannabis Activist Advocacy groups and activists have had an important influence on the evolving perception of #cannabis in #Texas, and the global movement to full legalization. With a dozen cannabis-related bills and resolutions filed for the 2019 Texas legislative session, Cannabis Open Carry Walks (COCW) group and members like … Continue reading Cannabis Open Carry Walks

Higher Education Texas

An Interview with Amanda Hughes-Munson, Founder of Higher Education Texas Follow Higher Education Texas! @HigherEducationTexas Let's Get Lifted! Sweet or salty? Salty Drops or Salve? Drops If you could add anyone from the cannabis industry to Mount Rushmore who would it be; why? Although I was tempted to say Jack Herer for his passion and … Continue reading Higher Education Texas