#Juneteenth | Everybody’s Invited to the Barbeque!

We’re hosting our first “Juneteenth Virtuation: Black and Brown in the Psychedelic Community” event on June 19, 2020 from 7:00 – 10:00 pm on Zoom.

“Everybody’s invited to the barbeque”

Our main goal for this event is to connect canna-curious, aspiring industry workers & future entrepreneurs to education about career opportunities and overcoming barriers to success from industry leaders while celebrating mental health, food, fun, family, and FREEDOM.



#THC2020 | An Interview with Dionne Davidson of Houston Academy of Cannabis Science

According to The Minority Report 2018:

Only 10% of women have positions with cannabis investment.


Women are pushing hard to find more success rather than letting the obstacles stop them. Ancillary firms and technologies are becoming a prime target for women wanting to start their own cannabis business.

The Minority Report 2018
C.E. Hutton Faith Integrity Trust

Texas’ own #THC2020 vendors, owners of Nu-Wellness Today and Houston Academy of Cannabis Science educators, The Davidson family aren’t letting anything stop them from reaching their hemp goals.

Introduce yourself to the people.

Hi, my name is Dionne. I am the Marketing Director for the Houston Academy of Cannabis Science. I’m passionate about this beautiful plant that we call cannabis, and what it can do to help people. Not only does it offer relief from pain, anxiety and depression, it really is something that brings people together. That’s what we’re all about, love. And, it’s what we believe in.

What motivated you to travel to The Texas Hemp Convention?

This is a big deal in Texas. It’s so new here. Myself, my sister Devae, along with our mother Dr. Davidson, who is the CEO and Founder of the Houston Academy of Cannabis Science, want to be a part of the growth. 

The Texas Hemp Convention is definitely worth the investment. I mean, you can’t put a price on the amount of people that we’ve made amazing connections with.

It’s crazy being a part of the academy. Inside of two years, we have our retail store Nu-Wellness Today, so it’s only up from here. It’s a bonus to have product to show. We’re really excited about where it’s going, and looking forward to the future.

Are you crunk about all the opportunities waiting for you in the hemp market?

So are we!

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#THC2020 | An Interview with Dominic Ratliff of Happy Hemp Farmacy LLC

Cover Photo Cred to HHF

In this article:

  • Introduction
  • Start of Happy Hemp Pharmacy
  • Traveling to The Texas Hemp Convention
  • Dominic’s Growing Background
  • Challenges to Licencing
  • 7-Pack Premium Hemp Pre-rolled Flower
  • Maintaning Patience
  • Advice  
  • What’s Next

It was easy to get lost in the lights and movement at the Texas Hemp Convention. However, Dominic Ratliff with Happy Hemp Farmacy was there for one reason only. The people.

Introduce yourself to the people.

My name is Dominic from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I’ve been a hemp farmer as well as a medicinal practitioner for about four years now. I switched over to CBD since [cannabis] isn’t legal in Tennessee, to help people with anxiety, insomnia and stuff like that. 

It’s legal for me to grow [hemp] with our Tennessee Department of Agriculture License, and I just want to put out quality craft products for people that they can enjoy.

Tell us how Happy Hemp Pharmacy got started.

Happy Hemp Farmacy LLC is pharmacy fresh. My friend was a business major at the University of Tennessee. He knew I was growing out on the West Coast. One day I saw him, and he had already started in the brand. I came up to him like, Yo, I grow and I have a lot of experience in it! We just came together.

His brother’s a chemical engineer, so he does all of the formulation. We put a little ad on Facebook for another farmer. This guy in Chattanooga reached out but was growing medicinal headed in Detroit.

We all came together to form this brand. We all have different expertise that keeps the company going.

Always, be dedicated.

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#THC2020 | Interview with Tayelor Kennedy, Co-Owner of The Peridot Group

Cover Photo Cred to THE PERIDOT GROUP

In this article:

  • Introduction
  • Traveling to The Texas Hemp Convention
  • Ensuring less than 3% THC
  • Challenges in the industry
  • Advice  

Vendors at the #THC2020 traveled from a far to help further hemp market growth in Texas. Tayelor Kennedy from The Peridot Group did just that with some advice on how to enter the space using what’s right in front of you.

Introduce yourself to the people

Hey. So my name is Tayelor Kennedy co-owner of The Peridot Group in Colorado. We do premium CBD and CBG hemp seeds & clones – industrial hemp seeds, smokable hemp, custom soil design and implementation. Whatever your need even white label oil, we can get it for you.

What motivated you to travel to The Texas Hemp Convention?

So, we figured it was good to come down to introduce Peridot. Hemp can take care of your whole family and it can change the world. We wanted to help Texas do it to get on their feet the right way. You know, how to use the right soil with the right nutrients and the right program for watering. We make sure they don’t get hot seeds to do it legally. We give you all the steps to get it done.

Hemp can take care of your whole family, and it can change the world.

Taylor Kennedy

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#THC2020 | Everybody’s Going to Know Who Elevate Is

Why do you get buildup on some rolling papers? Here is the Elevate Papers team to explain residue and those nasty aftertastes.

In this article:

  • What is Elevate?
  • How did Elevate Get Started?
  • What have been some challenges to starting Elevate?
  • What motivated you to travel to The Texas Hemp Convention?
  • Social Media Advice
  • Takeaways

Keep Reading….

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#THC2020 | 11 Journeys to Follow on Instagram

Looking for exhibitors and guests on social media now that the dust has settled? Here are 11 Instagram Journeys you will want to follow, for sure!

In this article:

  1. Nu-Wellness Today
  2. Team CenTex
  3. Peridot
  4. Elevate
  5. Happy Hemp Farmacy
  6. Medina
  7. Family Hemp Brands
  8. LadyJay
  9. Come and Toke It
  10. Cannabis Open Carry Walks
  11. PuffnPretty

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Cannabis Open Carry Walks

An Interview with Jody Ladd, COCW Cannabis Activist

Advocacy groups and activists have had an important influence on the evolving perception of #cannabis in #Texas, and the global movement to full legalization. With a dozen cannabis-related bills and resolutions filed for the 2019 Texas legislative session, Cannabis Open Carry Walks (COCW) group and members like Jody Ladd, continue to apply pressure on elected officials for change.

“We came down to Austin today just to show a presence,” Jody Ladd said. “There’s a lot of people behind the legalization of cannabis and supporting some of the bills that’s come out.” (Quillin & Mueller, 2019)

On any given weekend COCW can be seen answering the call to action from Austin, TX to Australia carrying signs, flags, banners, and handing out information to people stopped at stop lights and street corners! In just under a year, COCW and its boots to the ground advocacy have had an undeniable impact on Texas cannabis legalization. Keep reading to learn more about how #TX420PIONEER Jody Ladd overcomes challenges with teamwork!

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Let’s get lifted!

Candy or Ice Cream?

Ice cream

If you could be a cannabis superhero, what would your name be; why?

Ganja Joe, cause Rasta!

Can you share a quote or saying you love, that keeps you motivated?

When the people fear the government you get tyranny.
When the government fears the people you get liberty.

Dabbing into business!

How did you get started; why?

Want to save lives and bring more freedoms.

What services/products are offered?

Activism and merchandise

What are your hours of operation?

24 hours

What have been some of your greatest accomplishments?

Enlightening and educating the public.

What can people expect?

The truth.

Tell me about a time when you had to overcome a major roadblock. How did you approach the situation?

With wisdom and guidance, and a strong team behind me.

What excites you the most about being an industry pioneer?

Leaving the trail ablaze!

What’s Next for you?


Pass it around!

What’s some advice you would give cannabis-curious folks seeking reliable and accurate information?

Never stop your search.

What’s some advice you would give someone wanting to enter the Texas cannabis industry?

Be prepared for a long hard road.

Where do you see Texas with legalization in 2019?

Moving close to true freedom.

What’s the #1 thing people can do to advocate for legalization?

Apply pressure on their elected officials!

What is something you wish more people knew about Cannabis?

The Endo-Cannabinoid system and Cannabinoid Deficiency syndrome!

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