#Relevnt | An Interview with Tracey Schultz, Owner of PuffN Pretty

In this week’s podcast, we chop it up with Tracey Schultz, Owner of Texas-based PuffN Pretty. We talked about changing the stigmas around women who smoke weed along with the challenges of marketing and branding her company.

Let’s Get Lifted!

Drops or salve; Why?


If you could be a cannabis superhero, who would you be?

…. Ummm

What are your top 2 smoking songs?

Mary Jane – Rick James Sativa -Jhene’ Aiko


Dab into Business!

How did you get started; why?

I was ready to change the trajectory of my life. I was beyond bored with corporate, so I started researching how to start my own business. I kept getting signs that I needed a business that ignited a fire and sparked my passion. I knew the universe would guide me….so cannabis it was.

What’s your niche in the cannabis space? Why?

I help women elevate their wellness with cannabis. I connect them to quality flowers, support their well-being, and inspire them to elevate to their highest potential. I feel cannabis has allowed me to be more comfortable on my healing journey, and as a healer, I wanted to remove the stigma of cannabis use for other women.

Founder and CEO Tracey Schultz is an African-American woman and an advocate for cannabis. She adds a unique perspective to the industry because she uses cannabis to manage her multiple sclerosis symptoms. Queen Tracey is determined to show up in the industry as her best self, dedicated to total well-being with two princesses as her motivation.
Tracey Schultz PuffN Pretty website screenshot

Did you face any legal or criminal barriers to cannabis entry? If so, how did you overcome the barriers?


What are some talents, skills, experience, and knowledge you picked up while in cannabis?

Every day I’m learning a new way of doing things in the marketplace. I’m a business processor analyst, so I’m curious about how the industry works. I research, question, and analyze the corporate setup and the laws in which they can operate as a business. I think it’s important to know the laws. When you know how it works then, you learn how to move properly.

What tech tools did you use to start your brand?

Social media- google research, YouTube.

How do you stand out from other brands within your target population?

Actually, I’m still working on that. My focus is connecting to the women and not solely selling to women. I want to educate about the benefits cannabis can provide to those wanting holistic relief to their health issues.

Tell us about your top-selling, promotional, or new product or service.

Luxury essential care rolling trays and grinders.

Puffn Pretty's purpose is to support and help change the stigmas around women who smoke weed. They want women who smoke to feel comfortable and confident in their decision and free from judgment's stigma.
PuffN Pretty smoking tray set

Pass it Around!

What have been some of the highlights of marketing your brand? Example.

Meeting like-minded beings

What have been some of the challenges you have faced with marketing your brand? Example.

The “machine.” Nikki Minaj has a verse in her song “seeing green” that goes like…” no one bitch could be my oops that shit offends me; it’s the corporate giants and machine that went against me. I felt her on that. Algorithms and corporate policies have been brutal. On top of that, I also get in my own way.

What’s your silver lining to challenges?

The caves in which we fear to enter holds the very treasure we seek to find…..and so I keep going.

What are some best practices for advertising your brand?


What are some best practices for growing your audience on social media?

Consistent posting and replying back to people in the comments

What’s some advice you have for folks that want to enter the space?

Research the industry and network with people in the industry. Balance is key

Do you have any specials, giveaways, discounts you’d like to share with the people? 

We have partnered with Cann I Work for a smoking set giveaway exclusively on the Relevnt giveaway. To enter, just download the Relevnt app, make a quick profile, join the Cann I Work Vibe, say high and listen to vibestreams. At 50 followers, there will be a drawing.

Tracey Schultz PuffN Pretty website screenshot


How can people reach you?


List Social media pages.

Ig @puffnpretty fb puffnpretty2 Twitter PuffnPretty

List websites


Any Shout outs?

All the Queens, healers, dealers, Goddess putting in the work to bring healing to this planet💜💚

Many women are searching for the perfect smoking set for their style and are overwhelmed with endless options. Puffn Pretty is a brand that provides a one-stop-shop to elevate any smoking experience in class. They make it more comfortable to master the art of rolling by giving space to perfect our craft by keeping what we need right where we would like it. They have everything. So - stop wasting time looking for smoking sets online and get it at PuffnPretty.com.

Thanks for reading An Interview with Tracey Schultz, Owner of PuffN Pretty.


Home. (n.d.). PuffNPretty. Retrieved October 10, 2021, from https://www.puffnpretty.com/

The Best Party to Celebrate Halloween at Home this Year!

Break the norm this holiday. Turn your blah Halloween into an immersive, virtual experience! Join CannabisArtGuild.Org‘s launch party on the WJAE420.com for their latest exhibit, The Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit.

Besides, you can get a jump on Halloween at this event because the party starts on October 30th at 10 PM EST.

Secondly, visitors can get a VIP seat of what’s in store on Halloween at the launch party. There will be spooky music, interactive games, guests, and of course – high-end art.

But, last things first. Here’s more about the exhibit.

How to Participate in The Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit

Undead visitors who dare to enter the Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit can do so for free by visiting CannabisArtGuild.org/hauntedartexhibit at 12:00 PM EST on Oct. 30th. Once there, click on the “Enter Exhibit” button to explore the art gallery.

“I’d like people to walk away realizing that the Loving, Caring, Creative, Healing, All-Inclusive Cannabis Community they read about in books is real, alive, and waiting for them.”

Lee Estes

A Sneak Peek Into My Favorite Pieces at the Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit!

Halloween- a holiday marked by the observance of all things spooky. In my opinion, The Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit brings eerie entertainment to a new level. 

The show features artworks from traditional paintings, drawings, and sculptures. Further, it includes photography, video art, animations, and digital art! Accordingly, artists from across the world showed up and show off their talent at this exhibition.

As an illustration, some of my favorites are: “The Weed Art Process” by Serge Goldwicht, “Light Amphibian” by Johannes Stötter, and “Dracula” by Natasha Kinaru.

Where Da Party At? WJAE420.Com

WJAE420 sprung from the creative minds of Angela and Wendy Love Edge. When the Edges started thinking about what they wanted to do with their station, they were interested in bringing the community together. Spiritually, they saw music, art & healing all coming from the same place.

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Cannabis gets a lot of attention, so the station gives cannabis & music lovers a larger, more diverse platform to promote their favorite topics. Wendy is one of them — she credits cannabis with saving her life. Angela seems to be all for this, and she doesn’t use weed, but she knows the importance of making sure that people have all the facts about it.

Simply go to WJAE420.Com and click “Listen Now” to pull up to the Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit Launch Party.

What to Expect at the Party

Join WJAE420.Com on October 30th at 9 PM EST for the free, live audio Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit Launch Party hosted by the Cannabis Community’s Master of Macabre Lee Estes. Undoubtedly, he’ll be sharing rotting tricks, treats, and tunes that guarantee to give you the creeps!

The evening includes:

Hear shout-outs from some of your favorite cannabis community activists. 

Hear from some of the Cannabis Community’s famous activists such as Richard Rose, Wendy Love Edge, Candis Dyer, and Marihemp Shields. Then, learn about their backgrounds, what they’re doing now, and what their passions are. Discover how these individuals are effecting change in their communities today.

Play an interactive cannabis game. 

Play Smoke the Ghost with the audience. Not only is Smoke the Ghost an interactive cannabis smoking game but, this game is a spin-off of the classic drink-on queue game. Instead of alcohol, players match the Ghost’s puff every time he hits his ghostly bong during the program.

Take the virtual haunted art exhibit challenge. 

The first person to email support@cannabisartguild.org the correct answer gets the prize! Emails timestamp will determine the time of the submission.

Identify the dead cartoon characters hidden away in the gallery by painter Michael CanadaMan Gonzalez. In addition, the art title is the final curtain, identity the cartoon character’s skeletal remains correctly ( from left to right), and win a haunted treat from the CannabisArtGuild.org.

Learn how to cast Love Spells and Revenge Curses. 

Halloween is the perfect time for all things dark, scary and spooky. Of course, some people are looking for something a little more lighthearted. If you’re looking to find true love this Halloween, learn how to cast love spells on someone special. If you’re looking for something more sinister, try throwing a revenge curse on your enemy.

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How You Can Prepare for the Virtual Haunted Art Exhibition and Launch Party

You can do a few things to prepare ahead of time for the Virtual Haunted Art Exhibition and Launch Party. First, send out the link to a list of the people you think would attend to join you in the festivities.

Additionally, make it a thing! Invite everyone to a zoom call on the big night to share in the ghastly sights. Afterward, have all the decorations and refreshments ready in advance.

For more giggles, dress up like a kind of cannabis (strains) – maybe an OG Kush or Sour Diesel. Another idea. Dress up as one of your favorite artists like Andy Warhol or Georgia O’Keefe. Next, grab your laptop or phone with good internet service as the exhibit is virtual. Then, click the “Enter Exhibit” button and enjoy.

For consumers, you can prepare for this event just the same. In addition, you can prep by stocking up on your liken of cannabis accessories like pipes, grinders, rolling papers, and all-important lighters. Let us not forget the medium – cannabis. Along with the appropriate accessories, you’ll want the perfect strain of flower or CBD.

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Finally, explore all the different cannabis-inspired activities that await.

At the End of the Day

By and large, if you want to enjoy a spooky Halloween experience from the comfort of your candy-filled Halloween bucket, then click to join the Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit and Launch Party.


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WJAE420 Internet Radio Feat. Music and Cannabis Talk. (n.d.). Mysite. Retrieved October 23, 2021, from https://www.wjae420.com/

Weed Near Me | The Internet Search For Cannabis

This might be your first time finding Weed, but it’s not as hard as you think. There are plenty of places to find what you’re looking for since you have your medical marijuana card. Google has always been the first go-to when it comes to finding whatever you want online. So why not use it to find the nearest weed dispensary?

Whether you prefer to purchase your cannabis products in person at a dispensary or online, there are more options than ever before. Try typing “weed near me” in your Google search bar. Results will undoubtedly bring up a map with available dispensaries, medical centers, CBD shops, and delivery services in your area.

Read on to learn how to find Weed!

Google Trends Shows How Weed Searches Have Gone Up

Google Trends is a search engine that allows you to track the popularity of a given topic over time. It provides insights into how much people are searching for a subject and what people are searching for.

google trends search for weed screenshot

The Google Trends graph shows that people looking up “weed” has increased since 2004. The chart also indicates more searches in April and May months; undoubtedly, this trend is due to 420 holidays.

Marijuana is the second most searched term.

Is it Legal to Buy Weed in the United States

In the United States, 36 states have legalized medicinal purposes. Ten of those states also allow citizens to purchase and use marijuana recreationally.

Colorado and Washington were the first states to legalize recreational marijuana in 2012. Alaska, California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada all legalized recreational marijuana in 2016.

What is a Weed Dispensary?

A weed dispensary is a physical store that sells weed or cannabis products. They are often called “weed stores” or “pot dispensaries.”

The benefits of marijuana dispensaries include quick and easy access to products. Dispensaries also allow people to purchase cannabis closer to their homes, which may offer cost benefits.

In-Person Weed Dispensary

In person dispensary
Photo by Damian Barczak on Unsplash

How to Find Your Local Dispensary

The Google Maps app is a perfect tool to find dispensaries near you. It allows you to see the location of the dispensary, hours of operation, what they are known for, reviews from users, and more.

Weed Near Me dispensaries near Oklahoma City screenshot
Example when I typed in “dispensaries near Oklahoma City”

Above is a screenshot of what the map looks like when you type in “dispensaries in Oklahoma City.”

What Do I Need to Know Before Visiting a Dispensary?

When visiting a dispensary, it is essential to be mindful of the rules and regulations of the dispensary. Each dispensary may have different requirements, so it is necessary to pay attention to what to have ready at the door.

For example:

  • Dispensaries may vary on what forms of ID they require for patients to enter their property – some will accept recommendations while others will only accept doctor’s prescriptions.
  • Some dispensaries also have age restrictions for minors.

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Online Weed Dispensary

Online shopping

Why Buy Weed Online?

Weed is now legal in several states across the country. And, for those who live in a state where it is not permitted, there are other ways to get it.

Buying cannabis online and getting cannabis delivered to your door is a discreet and easy way to purchase Weed. You can also benefit from huge savings as you won’t be required to pay any taxes.

Is it Legal to Buy Weed from an Online Dispensary?

The legalization of cannabis for medicinal use in certain states has significantly boosted the cannabis industry. Meaning, more people are going online to buy their Weed. But is it legal?

Short answer – Yes,

When it comes to an online dispensary, there are still so many things to consider. So you should know the laws and regulations in your state or country before you take any action.

Online Weed Dispensary – What To Look For

Weed Near Me delivery
Quality – How do you know if the Weed is good?

It might be hard to know if the Weed is suitable for your needs, especially if you are a new patient, but you can look for some things to determine quality.

A reputable cannabis site is an excellent way to get advice on the quality of Weed. Weed dispensary reviews online are also a great way of learning more about dispensaries in your area.

Payment options – What are the different forms of payment available?

The most popular way to buy Weed online is by credit card.

The next time you start looking for a reliable and safe website to buy your Weed from, look at the different features they offer in terms of payments and choose the one that suits your needs best.

Shipping methods – What are the different shipping method?

There are various methods of shipping weed online, depending on what the customer needs are. Packages will typically take five to seven business days for delivery, depending on your location to the destination address.

Different types of shipping:


Faster and more expensive than ground, but less disruptive (no truckers can be late or go on strike). Air delivery is for time-sensitive deliveries, such as perishable goods.


Cheaper than air, but slower. Ground delivery is best for larger parcels that don’t need to be delivered quickly.

Expedited Delivery

Expedited delivery means more money to have your package delivered in a shorter time than ground delivery.

Weed Near Me Customer support
Customer support

How responsive is their customer support team, and what kind of questions will they answer?

The customer support team should be available to answer questions related to their process and products. Customers who have to wait to have a question answered is a red flag.

A company should make sure that its customer support team is accessible through email, live chat, and even WhatsApp. They need to ensure that the customer’s question can be answered promptly, and they are not forced to wait for a response.

Return policy

What kind of return policy should you expect from an online weed dispensary?

The online weed dispensary’s return policy will depend on their specific guidelines and what they offer for refunds.

A customer is generally entitled to a refund if they are not satisfied with the product or services they purchased. This includes items with defects or items that were not as advertised.

Understanding the online weed dispensary’s return policy before purchasing is essential to avoid issues and questions about refunds later on.

Weed Near Me Be Pain Free Global Online dispensary

What Do I Need to Know Before Shopping an Online Weed Dispensary?

With the legalization of marijuana in many states, people are looking for ways to purchase it. Thereby, shopping for marijuana has become easier and more accessible.

The first step is to find a site with the specific product you are looking for at an affordable price point.

This can be done by checking out what different dispensaries have on their site. Likewise, by asking people who have purchased cannabis online before which sites they use. This way, one can figure out what type of weed dispensary they want before starting shopping. We recommend Be Pain Free Global as a trustworthy place to start.

Next is to make sure that you register to your preferred site. Next, have an updated ID, a medicinal card or recommendation, and a valid credit card. These may sound like obvious requirements, but generally, sites require them, so it is important to double-check.

In the End

I hope you found this article helpful to find Weed near you. If any other topics interest you, let me know, and I will write a post on them.


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The Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit Is Possibly Making History

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Gold-Black-Friday-Clothing-Sale-Leaderboard.jpg

The CannabisArtGuild.Org’s inaugural Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit is an online gallery. Not only does it feature a curation of hauntingly beautiful paintings and sculptures, but it is created by emerging and established cannabis-inspired artists.  

What is the CannabisArtGuild.Org?

The CannabisArtGuild.Org is a full-throttle organization that believes in the versatility of cannabis. By the same, they showcase this by exposing works of art to normalize the plant worldwide. 

Equally, The Guild’s artistic endeavors have always been forward-thinking, and this is evident in their inaugural Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit. Open to the public on October 30th, this tailor-made spectacle has artists from all over the map working together for a collective vision of creativity.

So get excited! The haunting starts later this month, stays through November, and will take place throughout Halloween.

What is a Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit?

The Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit is an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Art is an acquired taste. Undoubtedly, there are shadowy pieces. Others are spell-binding; some might even be creepy.

Moreover, this is a fright night cerebral rush– without leaving the comfort of your caramel corn.

Further, it is strictly a grassroots initiative. Proceeds from the exhibition directly empower small cannabis farms in the Emerald Triangle following the California Wild Fires

Similarly, the Guild focuses on freeing cannabis prisoners.

Title : Fungal Friend
Artist : Sam Mason
United State
Title : Fungal Friend
Artist : Sam Mason
United States

Double, double toil, and trouble: What to expect at the Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit. 

Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit visitors are in for a real treat this Halloween. They will have the chance to view never-before-seen artwork from some of the world’s most renowned artists while being immersed in an atmosphere complete with chilling musical sounds.

virtual haunted art exhibit flyer

Bone-chilling Musical Feature

Bridge City Sinners is a Portland-based traditional string band composed of five members who started their journey by performing on sidewalks. 

Nowadays, you can find this supergroup touring cities on the national circuit.

virtual haunted art exhibit band bridge city sinners

Thrilling Artists and Masterpieces

For centuries, cannabis-based art has been part of human expression. In as well for today’s artists participating in the Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit.

These enchanted creatives from around the world have created fang-tastic pieces from painting to sculpture to digital art.

  • Tom Estes – England
  • Volkmar Hoppe – Germany
  • Trog – Australia
  • RonX111 – Australia
  • Destrola – Australia
  • Serge Goldwicht – Belgium
  • Kerry Cannon – U.S.
  • Natasha Kinaru – England
  • Gazink – Netherlands
  • Jessica Laura – U.S.
  • Wendy Love Edge – U.S.
  • Ryan Eric Kaminsky – U.S.
  • Angel Egle Wierenga – U.S.
  • MariHemp Shields – U.S.
  • Kirsty Memory – England
  • Roger Sonnenfeld – Sweden
  • Johannes Stotter – Italy
  • Stephen Jung – U.S.
  • Linda Biggs – U.S.
  • Sam Mason – U.S.
  • Sam Fontaine – U.S.
  • Iedda Shiotae – U.S.
  • Dawn Frasca Stancliff – U.S.
  • Michael Canadaman Gonzales – Canada

Howling Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) Auction 

In the past, Halloween was a day meant for children. However, as time has changed, so has the celebration of Halloween. This exhibit could be the first-ever cannabis community NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Auction. Spooky right!

Cannabisartguild.org teamed up with Street Artist RonX111 and world-class animator Destrola. As a result, they will auction off a special Non-Fungible Token that will benefit Humboldt Grace’s Fire Recovery Project.

virtual haunted art exhibit nft auction page screenshot


The team of RonX111 with the actual originals, and then Destrola, who is the animation artist, are taking the cannabis community to a whole new level.

Australian Street Artist RonX111

RonX111 is an activist artist born in Australia, focusing on bringing balance and preserving the things he loves, from family to nature. In addition, one of his many talents is channeling his emotions and sharing them with the world through his art.

World-Class Animator Destrola

Destrola’s evolution to reinvent himself led him to realize he had a knack for understanding expression. Afterward, he used his skills to influence perceptions.

What are NFTs, and Why Should They Matter to Art?

Non-fungible tokens are a new digital asset. They are distinct because each token is unique and provides its individualized attributes. NFTs allow for the trading and selling products that cannot be replicated, like art or collectibles.

The idea behind these tokens is that NFTs can trade like stocks, but they also provide the same kind of transparency you would expect from physical objects.

The technology could benefit both artists and investors in the art market by creating more transparency in pricing, ownership, condition, provenance, and authenticity.

Australian Street Artist RonX111 explains NFTs

virtual haunted art exhibit nft auction page screenshot

How Artists can Sell Art Online with Blockchain

With the use of blockchain, artists can issue digital art and sell it online.

Blockchain uses cryptography to store and transfer data while making sure that the owner is the rightful owner. Rather, artists can safely sell their artwork without worrying about someone stealing it or copying it.

Blockchain also ensures transparency for both the artist and buyer. Hence, buyers can be sure that they are getting what they paid for – a genuine piece of artwork from an established artist with a verified identity.

How to Participate in the First Cannabis NFT Art Auction

Cannabisartguild.org is embracing technology and the evolution of Fine Art. Visitors interested in becoming a part of history can do so on CannabisArtGuild.Org’s verified Rarible account

Join Rarible, follow CannabisArtistGuild.Org’s page, then start bidding!

Rarible is a digital art marketplace where users can buy and sell the rights to their creations. In fact, using Ethereum-based NFTs, arrangements can be made from anywhere in the world. This gives a user full ownership of a given piece of art.

The auction will take place on October 30th-November 30th. Everyone can watch the auction by following this link.

virtual haunted art exhibit nft auction page screenshot

How to Participate in The Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit

Witches and wizards 18 years and older can participate in the free exhibition by visiting Cannabisartguild.org. Then click the “Enter Exhibit” button for your ticket to terror.

Final Thoughts

The future of Halloween is here! The virtual haunted art exhibit is a creepy-crawly innovation to satisfy the scream queen in everyone.

Visit cannabisartguild.org now for more info. 


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Outdoor Cannabis Growing Tips for Beginners

First Published on WEEDSPEEK.COM

Many factors go into growing outdoor cannabis. The climate, the amount of space you have, the type of soil you use, and the time of year are all considered before planting your first seed. 

However, it can be gratifying if you do your research and follow these tips!

What is Outdoor Cannabis Growing?

Outdoor cannabis growing is planting cannabis in the open air, as opposed to within a greenhouse. This kind of cannabis growing is often practiced in rural settings, often on farms with significant land holdings.

It’s a popular method because it offers many advantages that indoor growing cannot provide. One is the superior quality of the cannabis plant from increased exposure to natural sunlight and elements such as wind and rain.

The Benefits of Outdoor Cannabis Growing

Outdoor cannabis growing gives you access to better sunlight which helps produce more potent buds with less THC. The plants grow healthier and more robust and require fewer resources like water, soil, and pesticides.

Here are some other benefits to outdoor cannabis growing:

  • You can grow different plants in conjunction with their marijuana plants, such as vegetables or fruits.
  • Reduces the use of artificial lighting, saving on electricity consumption.
outdoor cannabis growing
Photo by CV12 from Pexels


Outdoor Cannabis Growing Tips for Beginners

This section doesn’t teach the reader how to grow cannabis, but it provides a list of essential considerations before starting outdoor cannabis.

Selecting a Plant Variety

When choosing a cannabis plant variety, it is essential to consider the climate and the size of the grow space.

When choosing a cannabis plant variety, it is crucial to consider the climate and the size of the grow space. Different plants thrive in different environments, and other types of cannabis plants have varying space needs. For example, Sativas are better suited for tropical climates but require more space than Indicas.

Selecting a Location to Grow

  • Assess the area you have available to grow in. If it doesn’t have enough sun, think about bringing artificial light to the space or selecting another location.
  • Don’t plant near trees or other tall plants – they might shade your plants and stop the sunlight they need to grow well.
  • Ensure there are no power lines in your plan for where you might want to grow because they can interfere with the growth of cannabis plants.
  • If you’re growing pot outside, make sure that it doesn’t get too windy or hot. Too much wind can dry out your plants, and too much heat will end up harming them by slowing their growth rates down considerably.


Preparing the Soil for Growing Cannabis Plants

It is essential to prepare the soil before you plant your cannabis. Cannabis needs a lot of good, nutritious soil to grow and thrive. So you need to make sure that your soil doesn’t contain any impurities such as fertilizers or pesticides. 

You should also avoid heavy clay soil because it will not drain well and will be more difficult for the roots to grow. There are many ways for preparing the soil before planting cannabis, but here are some popular methods:

  • Tilling: This means turning over the top layer of dirt which helps break up the clumps in the soil and exposes weed seeds or roots that may have been missed during tilling by hand or tilling machine.
  • Composting: This is an excellent way to enrich your garden’s soils with nutrients from organic
outdoor cannabis growing
Photo by CV12 from Pexels

Materials Needed for Outdoor Cannabis Growing

Cannabis plants need more than just sunlight; they need warmth and water. A green thumb is the most essential ingredient for any outdoor cannabis grower. Patience is also necessary because it can take up to 6 months for an outdoor plant to flower.

So prepare yourself for a wait time!


Common Challenges in Outdoor Cannabis Growing

There are many challenges to growing it outdoors to produce a more considerable amount of cannabis. For example, when growing outdoors, there is a risk that storms or insects will eliminate plants.

Another challenge is that outdoor plants are more susceptible to outdoor pollution, leading to growers not achieving the desired high quality of cannabis.

Lastly, it is difficult to maintain the necessary humidity levels for plants in an outdoor environment.

outdoor cannabis growing
Photo by CV12 from Pexels

Security for Outdoor Cannabis Growing

Even if you can grow cannabis outside your area, it’s a good idea to take precautions so people can’t see it from the street. And, it is often law mandated. You can also grow your cannabis plants with other plants (like tomatoes or roses) to help them go unnoticed.

Cannabis can get pretty tall, so you’ll need to use training techniques to keep your plants shorter. If they’re too high, it’s easy for birds to reach them for a treat!

Take Away

Like humans, the plants will need plenty of heat, water, and light to thrive. Out of the many things that you need to know about outdoor cannabis grow, we hope this article has helped you with your journey!


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#Relevnt | An Interview with Wendy Love Edge of The Wendy Love Edge Show

In this week’s podcast, we had the honor to interview Wendy Love Edge of Arkansas-based The Wendy Love Edge Show. We talked about sponsorship expectations, marketing, and branding in the cannabis industry and how her health journey led her to cannabis.

Let’s Get Lifted!

Drops or Salve; Why?

Both! And together. The entourage effect is always best! Bombard the ECS with different routes of administration and cannabinoids.

If you could be a cannabis superhero, who would you be?

The Green Goddess instantly spreads the truth about the plant to all who contact me.

What are your top 2 smoking songs?

Mary Jane Coolio, Roll Another Joint, Tom Petty


Dab into Business!

How did you get started; why?

My health journey brought me to cannabis. Once I realized that cannabis saved my life, the passion for talking about the plant and my health journey was overwhelming.

I started by creating a nonprofit to educate people about proper health and wellness and improve access to cannabis and other alternative health methods. We did this for six years, closing in 2021 due to the pandemic.

I have continued to create my show, The Wendy Love Edge Show, and I am now building the Wendy Love Edge Brand.

What’s your niche in the cannabis space? Why?

Healer, Educator, and Support to Patients. I think my passion for the plant, coupled with my health journey, has created a space for me. Or maybe I made it by marrying these things authentically.

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Wendy Love Edge weedspeek screenshot

Did you face any legal or criminal barriers to cannabis entry? If so, how did you overcome the barriers?


Your talents, skills, experience, and knowledge you transferred to cannabis?

I worked in mainstream medicine for 25 years where I learned to multitask and coordinate people and things. I also learned to manage and lead a team to achieve success. In my jobs, over the years, I also provided a lot of education. All of the stills transferred to what I’m doing now.

Your talents, skills, experience, and knowledge you picked up while in cannabis?

Media, Film, Radio, Event Planning, Product Creation

What tech tools did you use to start your brand?

A computer and a phone.

How do you stand out from other brands within your target population?

My brand is new, and I am just ironing out a lot of this.

Tell us about your top-selling, promotional, or new product or service.

My show is probably the top-selling product. I am still working out the details of the rest.

The Wendy Love Edge Show is a variety show that will ensure you are uplifted, entertained, and informed. Each episode features segments about Health and Wellness, Community, and Plant Medicine and a musical and art guest.

Expert guests from around the country often join Wendy in the segments. This creates community and entertains and educates, informs, and stimulates further conversations among our listeners.

You can find the show on Relevnt, Cannatube24, FPTV, YouTube, all major podcasting formats. It syndicates on several radio stations in 3 states. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thewendyloveedgeshow/support
Wendy Love Edge Wjae radio screenshot.

Pass it Around!

What have been some of the highlights of marketing your brand? Example.

Content creation! I so enjoy it.

What have been some of the challenges you have faced with marketing your brand? Example.

Partnering with other brands via our sponsorships. Some expect far more than what we offer with the sponsorships even though it’s very clearly spelled out. Of course, everyone wants the most for their money. 

What’s your silver lining to challenges?

More communication with our sponsors and understanding. More opportunities to collaborate.

What are some best practices for growing your audience on social media?

Be Consistent. Look at trends and act accordingly.

What’s some advice you have for folks that want to enter the space?

Be yourself. Know who your target audience is. Be consistent.

Do you have any specials, giveaways, discounts you’d like to share with the people?

We have some promo codes for our listeners and viewers.

WJAE420 was birthed from the creative minds of Angela and Wendy Edge, who are also artists.

They knew that building community is a vital part of what they do. WJAE420 will connect music, art, plant medicine, and healing.


How can people reach you? 


On social media?

IG and FB @wendyloveedge twitter @wendyloveedge and @thewleshow Youtube @thewendyloveedgeshow



Any Shout outs?

Our Executive Producer A. Edge Productions, and The Relevnt App

Join The Wendy Love Edge Show on Relevnt's open group messaging network made up of live audio-chat communities known as "vibes," organized around interests & location.

Create your vibe for sports teams, podcasts, fan clubs, comedy, classes, and anything else you can imagine. Join the Vibe!

Thanks for reading An Interview with Wendy Love Edge of The Wendy Love Edge Show.


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Cannabis Based-Art | How CannabisArtGuild.org Is Transforming Halloween

Cannabis based-art is a new art movement that has been evolving in recent years. It includes a variety of disciplines, but the goal is always to use cannabis as a medium.

The CannabisArtGuild.Org is one organization on a mission to show off cannabis’ versatility. As a result, normalizing the plant. The Guild strives to unite artists voices from the four ends to take part in cannabis-based art exhibitions. They’re launching their first ever Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit this October. It’ll be here for Halloween and stay until the end of November.

But, before we get into the tricks and treats, let’s take a look at what cannabis-based art is.

What is Cannabis-Based Art?

Cannabis-based art is a type of fine art that utilizes the cannabis plant and its extracts for the sole purpose of artistic expression. Even though, it’s been around us for centuries, cannabis-based art has gained notoriety. This is partly due to increased social acceptance in the United States.

Notably, some artists who work with cannabis use the plant in both their process and execution of work. The materials allow artist to create pieces from different facets of cannabis culture, such as music, mental health or how it affects people’s perceptions.

Furthermore, the word “canvas” originates from “cannabis”.



What Is CannabisArtGuild.org?

CannabisArtGuild.org is an online art gallery. Its Founders include Lee Estes, Wendy Love Edge, and Tom Estes. With the expertise of Richard Rose, the trio tapped into the potential of art in the cannabis space.

cannabisartguild.org website screenshot. Halloween exhibit

Meet the Founders


cannabisartguild.org company director, Lee Estes.

Company Director – Lee Estes worked for several years with international indie musical artists as an online promoter. He had a vision of cannabis-based art displayed on a global scale. From there he used his background in music to bring his knowledge & love of art to the cannabis industry. With that, innovative technology.

Wendy Love Edge – Fayetteville, USA

cannabisartguild.org executive director, Wendy Love Edge.

Executive Director – Wendy Love Edge is an author, illustrator, painter, talk show host, and activist for cannabis medicine and health freedom. Even though she’s disabled, this survivor of the American healthcare system believes people should make informed decisions about their well-being.

Tom Estes – London, ENG

cannabisartguild.org guild rep for united kingdom, Tom Estes.

Guild Rep. EU – Tom Estes studied his craft in France and the United Kingdom. His work transports the observer to dark futuristic wonderlands. Although skilled in many disciplines, digital photography is the pulse of Tom’s practice.

Richard Rose – Legendary Hemp Foods Pioneer

cannabisartguild.org advisor, Richard Rose.

Guild Adviser – Richard has designed food for people for over 30 years. Hence, Richard is the Hemp Nut of HempNut Inc. He created the company around the vision of shelled hempseed as a replacement for soy in the food industry. His dream became the prototype business model for the hempseed industry.

The founders of CannabisArtGuild.org hope to provide a platform for artists interested in exploring new ways of expressing themselves through their paintings and digital artwork.

And, it seems like they’re on the right track. There are several talented artists lined up for their 1st Annual Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit!

First Annual Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit

CannabisArtGuild.Org’s Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit is a free online event happening October 30 – November 30. To begin with, it is for anyone 18 and up in the community. Next, efforts go to support healing and self-expression. 

The exhibit is a grassroots initiative with no corporate cannabis funding. Its motivation is supporting Humboldt Grace’s Fire Recovery Project. Efforts help small cannabis farms and the community of the Emerald Triangle recover from California Wildfires. Equally important, the Guild focuses on freeing cannabis prisoners.

Like in all forms of art, not everyone will appreciate the 1st Annual Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit. It’s deep and gritty. The art pieces are thought-provoking. On the other hand, some are light and whimsical Yet, others are a bit scary. Moreover, the 1st Annual Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit is visually refined entertainment.

In addition, it’s a great way to celebrate Halloween!

Here’s what to expect from the Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit


Visitors will indulge in fifty-plus mind-bubbling mixed media artworks from over twenty worldwide. With that, the 1st Annual Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit features musical artist – Bridge City Sinners. A top artist in the rapidly growing Blackgrass music movement. This band’s funky folk sound does everything but stay in one genre.


The 1st Annual Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit could be the cannabis community’s first Charitable NFT auction. 

That said, Cannabisartguild.org along with legendary Australian Street Artist RonX111 and World-Class Animator Destrola to auctions off art pieces that benefit Humboldt Grace’s Fire Recovery Project. 


Celebrate the holiday with the Virtual Haunted Art Exhibit at the Launch Party on WJAE420.com. The party starts at 10:00 PM EST. The Master of the Macabre, Lee Estes, promises 90 minutes of tricks, treats, and tunes for ghouls and goblins alike.


Experience Cannabis in a whole new way this Halloween! Get involved in the Virtual Haunted Art Exhibition and help the CannabisArtGuild’s change the world’s relationship with cannabis.


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Best Ways to Start Growing Your Own Cannabis

First Published on WEEDSPEEK.COM

We all know the benefits of cannabis, and many people are already buying it. However, what about growing your own cannabis?

Growing cannabis indoors will interest any person who is thinking of becoming self-sufficient or as a hobby.  And, it’s legal to grow cannabis in many parts of the US and throughout much of the world.

If growing your own cannabis speaks to you, keep reading for tips on the best ways to start.

Why Should You Grow Your Own Cannabis?

Growing cannabis is accessible and can be a great hobby. You can learn a lot about the plant and its history, and you’ll love the rewarding feeling of harvesting the fruits of your labor.

Here are a couple of more reasons why you should grow your own cannabis:

  • You know that the product is clean and organic.
  • You know what you put into it, so there is no need to worry about harmful substances like commercial cannabis products such as insecticides, herbicides, or other chemicals.


Cannabis plant growing in pot
Image by Jirapong Pnngjiam from Pixabay 

Cannabis Plant Basics

Three different cannabis plants are part of the cannabis family. These plants are hemp, marijuana, and cannabidiol (CBD). These three types of cannabis all come from the same species but have very different uses. Hemp makes products like food, clothes, and even biofuel. Marijuana is used for recreational or medicinal situations. Lastly, CBD oil comes from the hemp plant and is used for medicinal purposes as well.

The most significant difference between these three types of cannabis is their THC content. Hemp has no THC content, while marijuana has high levels (5% to 30%). CBD oil has trace amounts of THC (<0.3%). This makes it legal in many states because it does not meet the criteria for a controlled substance.

Cannabis plant growing in pot
Image by Jirapong Pnngjiam from Pixabay 

Best Ways to Start Growing Cannabis?

If you’re thinking about growing cannabis, you already know that it’s not a quick and easy process. Whether you’re new to this or refreshing your grow game, we have some tips on what we think is the best way to start growing cannabis.

Here are our tips on how to start growing cannabis:

Set up the space where you want to start growing your own cannabis.

To grow plants indoors, you will need a space that is clean, ventilated, odorless. And well-lit. If your home doesn’t have an ideal space, there are plenty of options that will work for growing plants indoors. You can use any room with a window or door that can be opened. 

We recommend using a smaller space or hallway if possible, so it’s easier to control the temperature and humidity levels.

Next, install lights and fans in your chosen space to provide adequate illumination and ventilation. Then, make sure you have power outlets installed so that the lights and fans can be plugged in.

Get some seeds of your favorite strains of cannabis plants.

Choosing the right strain of cannabis plants can be tricky. What’s even more confusing is trying to figure out which ones are the best for beginners. This article will help you get some seeds of your favorite strains to start growing your own plants.

All plants require different levels of care, so it’s essential to find one that suits your wants and needs. If you’re new to growing cannabis, you should look for a plant with low maintenance or easy for beginners. Some strains, like Blue Dream, are good choices because they offer high yields with low care needed. Other popular beginner-friendly strains include Strawberry Cough and Super Lemon Haze.


Make sure the pot has a drainage system.

It is typical for beginners to make the mistake of filling the pot with soil that doesn’t have a drainage system at the bottom. This can lead to over-watering, which is one of the most common reasons for plants dying. Ensure that your pots have an adequate drainage system before filling them up with soil or coco coir.

Place the pot in a sunny location.

Choosing an area where the pot will have plenty of sunlight, good airflow, and room to grow is essential. Ideally, the pot should be placed in a sunny window that gets a lot of natural light. If your windows don’t get a lot of natural light, you can use grow lights to simulate sunlight.

The pot should not be placed near any drafts or vents from the heater or air conditioner because it will dry out the plant and not thrive. It is also best if there are no windows nearby because this will cause too much direct sunlight, which could cause scorching of the plant.

Watch over your plants daily.

Plants need water just like humans. The only difference is that plants cannot ask for help, so it is essential to watch over them daily.

Watch over cannabis plants daily just like you would any other plant. If the soil has dried out, water the plant until the water drains from the bottom of the pot. It is also essential to trim leaves and remove dead leaves and flowers so that mold will not grow on them.

Cannabis plant growing in pot
Image by Jirapong Pnngjiam from Pixabay 


We hope this article has helped make an informed decision about the many aspects to consider when planting and growing cannabis. 

Feel like giving your entrepreneurial streak a stretch? Let us know about any tips you use when growing your own cannabis in the comments below.


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Cannabis Seeds – Everything You Need to Know

First Published on WEEDSPEEK.COM

This article will give you all the information you need to know about cannabis seeds, whether a beginner or an expert. Learn about what they are, how to determine the quality and more.

But first, let’s discuss what a cannabis seed becomes.

What is A Cannabis Plant, Anyway?

The cannabis plant is a species of the Cannabaceae family, which includes both hemp and marijuana. Cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant contain different compounds. The most abundant cannabinoid is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and it has psychoactive effects on humans.

cannabis plant from cannabis seeds
Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

What are Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis is a plant that produces cannabis seeds. The seeds grow and harvest into marijuana and hemp plants.

Your cannabis seeds are fully grown and protected by an outer shell. Once they successfully germinate, or if the root breaks through the seed, they are ready to plant and grow.

They come in different forms, including regular, feminized & auto-flowering. Home growers of cannabis often choose to grow feminized seeds to ensure that the grown plant will be a healthy female.

Types of Cannabis Seeds

There are three types of cannabis seeds-auto flowering, photoperiod, and auto-flowering. The auto-flowering variety will flower according to its age rather than light cycles, whereas photoperiod cannabis plants require the change in light processes to trigger flowering. 

Autoflowering cannabis plants will flower regardless of light cycles – but they take much longer to reach maturity than photoperiod plants. It takes longer because they don’t adjust their growth according to changing lengths of day or night as photoperiod plants do.

six cannabis seeds
Photo by Derrick Brown from Pexels


What Factors Determine the Quality of a Cannabis Seed?

Cannabis seeds are the precursors for the weed that is grown. Categorized seeds go into different grades that depend on the quality of marijuana seeds. Factors that determine the quality of the seed include potency, flavor, and size.

Potency: The potency of the weed is determined by its THC content, which is measured in percentage (%). Marijuana with higher THC content is considered to be more potent than marijuana with lower THC content.

Flavor: The flavor of cannabis depends on its terpenes profile, determined by plant genetics and environmental factors like soil type, soil nutrients, sunlight intensity, and temperatures during the flowering period.

Size: Cannabis plants typically grow to around 3-4 feet in height, but some strains can grow up to 10 feet or more depending on their genetics and what you’ve been feeding the plant.

Anatomy of a Cannabis Seed

The anatomy of cannabis seed is a complex system responsible for regulating the plant’s growth. It starts with a few cells fertilized by male pollen and grows into a tiny, round embryo.

The embryo then sends out a long taproot to find soil and water and multiplies to seedlings. The root end of the seedling will then become anchored in the ground while the shoot end continues to grow upwards, reaching for sunlight.


What is Seedless Cannabis?

Cannabis plants are classified as male or female. Male cannabis plants produce pollen that fertilizes female cannabis plants, making the “seeds” from which new cannabis plants can grow.

An unfertilized female plant produces seedless cannabis. Unfertilized female plants mean that they will not pollinate and will not develop seeds.

There are two ways to do this: the first is to select a specific plant for breeding and use a hormone treatment on it. The other is to pollinate a male plant with a broader range of genes by taking pollen from one male plant and applying it to another female plant’s stamen. 

The latter method produces less uniformity in cannabinoids content but has been gaining popularity in recent years due to its efficacy and low production cost.

pink flowering cannabis plant from cannabis seeds
Photo by Dad Grass from Pexels

How do Cannabis Plants Reproduce?

There are three parts to the cannabis plant reproductive system: the male, female, and hermaphrodites. For a cannabis plant to reproduce, it needs at least one of each.

At the most basic level, when male pollen fertilizes a female flower’s ovule (or egg), this is when reproduction begins. Pollen and ova, in this case, do not come in contact with each other until the flower’s stigma and stamens open up. The process takes about 2-3 weeks after they’ve pollinated.

The fertilized flowers then produce seeds that will grow into new plants in about 3-4 weeks. Cannabis seeds will either need to be stored in cold storage (such as a refrigerator) or planted right away if the climate is warm enough for growth.

cannabis seeds, cannabis oil cannabis capsules and cannabis plant
Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

What is the Best Way to Store Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis seed storage is a broad topic with many methods. Some people store them in coolers, jars, or ziplock bags. Some people also prefer to keep them in the freezer.

Here are some tips for storing cannabis seeds:

  • Store them in a dry, cool place like a refrigerator or freezer.
  • Keep them away from light to prevent the degradation of the THC-producing compounds in the seeds.
  • Protect them from moisture and heat by using an airtight container.
  • The best option is to store the seeds in vacuum-sealed containers with oxygen absorbers to prevent any deterioration in the quality and potency of the seeds.


The above article has provided an overview of the cannabis seed industry. We hope that you have found what you were looking for and if not, we encourage you to explore this topic further!

 We’re all ears to hear your cannabis seeds journey in the comments below!


What are Cannabis Seeds? Marijuana Seed Definition. (2021, 13 julio). Weedmaps. https://weedmaps.com/learn/dictionary/seed

5 Innovations In Cannabis Technology That Could Reshape The Industry

First Published on WEEDSPEEK.COM

Cannabis is not only the fastest growing industry, but it is also one of the most innovative spaces of our time. Every day new products and services are popping up. So companies are always looking for creative ways to stand out in the cannabis industry.

With that and the recent push toward global legalization, the worlds of technology and cannabis are colliding head-on. Both fields are helping to improve virtually every aspect of the cannabis industry, from growing to cultivation and regulation.

And with good reason. The cannabis industry is brimming with a $43 billion market by 2025. Moreover, technology has the power to change how people consume cannabis, how they interact with dispensaries, and how they view cannabis. 

Keep reading to find out about five innovations in technology that could radically reshape the cannabis industry.

green circuit board

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Cannabis Technology

Cannabis consumption is something that varies drastically from one person to another. Variations are due to two reasons. 

First, individuals have different biochemical profiles that are unique to their genetics, lifestyle, and environment. Plus, cannabis strains are essentially different varieties of the same plant. Some have more CBD, THC, or other chemicals.

Secondary factors could also affect how cannabis affects someone’s body, such as:

  • The amount of cannabis you’re consuming
  • How often you’re using it
  • What other medications you’re taking

Because of this, A.I. machine learning technology allows cannabis companies to gather an extensive amount of data. This information can give insight into what combination of ingredients consumers want, including how often they want it.

Having a quality customer experience is essential, and it’s no different for cannabis brands. A.I. can help companies predict changing trends so they can offer their consumers the best possible experience.

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Seed-to Sale Inventory Tracking Technology

One of the most significant benefits of legal cannabis sales is that consumers can buy quality products. Likewise, customers should have trust in what they’re consuming. Therefore, increasing loyal cannabis consumers serve manufacturers, dispensary owners, and everyone connected to the cannabis marketplace.

In comes inventory tracking technology. This innovation does for the cannabis industry just as the name says – track inventory. It helps companies cut down on theft, comply with state regulations, and increase their margins. Accordingly, companies can quickly identify discrepancies in their inventory. And, they can see where their product is coming from and where it is going. 

Most important, inventory tracking technology is a proven success for cannabis companies that comply with state laws. Furthermore, it allows businesses to improve their customer service by knowing which products they stock.

iphone showing QR code

Smart Packaging Technology

In today’s cannabis industry, embedded or smart technology gives businesses a range of functionality. A product’s package is just a critical as its contents. Like phones and T.V.’s, packaging can be innovative.

Smart packaging technology uses the internet to provide consumers unique content or value-added digital experiences. According to research from Smithers Pira in “The Future of Active & Intelligent Packaging,” the Smart packaging market is projected to increase an annual average rate of 5.9%, thereby reaching $7.56 billion by 2023.

Q.R. codes and NFC tags feasibly combine into packaging fit for pharmacy shelves. Combining the two allows consumers to scan a code with their phones and get information like potency, dosage, and lab results.

In addition, NFC tags are programmable to show opened or altered products. Most important, they can verify the authenticity of a product, which is a critical when the illicit market makes thousands of counterfeit items every year.

Man sitting a desk wear VR goggles

Virtual Reality Cannabis Technology

Cannabis companies have been making use of virtual reality technology to offer customers an immersive experience. With the help of V.R., people can take virtual tours inside a cannabis shop and view cannabis being grown without leaving home.

By using a digital 3D scanning process, V.R. can create a strain library, scientific lab data and user reviews for customers to make educated decisions about their purchases. All without going to a physical dispensary.

Looking ahead at cannabis technology, V.R. will play a significant role in shaping cannabis consumption. V.R. is on target to define our cannabis experiences from facilities to modernizing how we use it.

In fact, MMJ patients can look forward to extended comfort with e-commerce and V.R. dispensaries.

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Robot hand

Robot Technology

The world of manufacturing is changing significantly. Robots now handle many of the tasks that humans have done for years. It is only at the early stages of making an impact in the cannabis market. Thereby, it could provide many opportunities.

Robot technology is used for indoor or outdoor operations to harvest and help process products from seed to sale—for example, cultivation, harvesting, or even in laboratory applications for refining oil.

Israel-based company Seedo, for instance, started selling mini fridge-sized cannabis farms for personal use. The technology offered computerized systems and climate control for home-based cannabis growing.

Seedo promised controlled conditioned cannabis ‘from seed to flower’ without leaving your home. Now, they aim to take a step further with what Seedo calls the ‘world’s first automated cannabis farm, using not only A.I.-based technology but also robotic arms.

In The End

Regardless if you’re already in the cannabis industry or are just interested in learning more about it, there will be more to see how cannabis technology reshapes the way we enjoy the plant.


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