The Best Blogging Tools for Newbie Cannabis Writers

I’ve been blogging/writing for 3 years now. And, I’m learning new things about how to strengthen my craft every day. Admittedly so, writing as a process can seem daunting. This could be especially true for newbie cannabis writers. Although, if you find the right tools, blogging can be easy and fun!

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Some tools might be free or require a one-time or monthly payment, while others might not have a fixed price. Still, if they offer features to suit your needs, it’s worth it to pay for one of them.

These blogging tools for newbie cannabis writers who are ready to elevate their writing skills.


You can improve your writing skills by using an AI writer assistant. These AI writers are very good at understanding language & can produce original content in no time.

Moreover, is an AI writer that offers a free-to-use platform for writers to create original content. Writers can use Rytr for many purposes, such as blog posts, social media posts, articles, or emails. blogging tool for newbie cannabis writers homepage screenshot.

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Who likes reading a blog post that is full of mistakes? Grammar errors confuse your readers and lower your brand credibility. So it’s worth double-checking what you’re writing before you put it online.

Accordingly, Grammarly is an online grammar checker that corrects mistakes and improves writing. It even comes with a built-in plagiarism detector, so newbies can be confident in their original work. blogging tool for newbie cannabis writers homepage screenshot.

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Plagiarism is on the rise, and it’s not uncommon to mistakenly submit plagiarized work. This plagiarism checker allows you to make sure your work is original and high quality. It’s easy to run, and it’s fast.

In addition, Quetext has an in-depth reporting system to help you track the number of words copied and how they’re used. blogging tool for newbie cannabis writers homepage screenshot.

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Google Docs 

Google Docs for writing is a free service on Google Drive. With this tool, writers can easily create and edit documents without having to worry about saving as they go.

After all, this suite is also accessible from any computer or mobile device with Google Chrome or Google Drive installed.

Google docs blogging tool for newbie cannabis writers homepage screenshot.

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Canva is a fun and easy-to-use design tool to create graphics for your content. It’s really easy to use because all you need to do is upload your image or select one from its library and then tweak it into the layout you want.

By the same token, Canva makes it really easy for anyone with the tiniest of graphic design knowledge the power to create professional-looking graphics for their blog posts for free. blogging tool for newbie cannabis writers homepage screenshot.

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Pexels is a free stock photo website that features over 100 million high-quality images for download.

Along with its user-friendly interface, Pexels is a dope tool for royalty-free photos for your blog or website. blogging tool for newbie cannabis writers homepage screenshot.

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Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool that provides a comprehensive view of search trends around a particular topic. Chiefly, it can help writers, bloggers, and copywriters to find out what topics are trending in the market.

Google trends blogging tool for newbie cannabis writers homepage screenshot.

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In The End

Cannabis is a controversial topic, and it is vital for the cannabis space to have more writers. Don’t let not knowing how or where to start blogging prevent you from becoming a dope cannabis writer!

Lastly, we hope these blogging tools for newbie cannabis writers help you find your voice and get started publishing today. If you have a fancy, we would love for you to share them with your friends and followers.


Smoking Pipes | What Every Puffer Should Know

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

Misconceptions loom about the origins of smoking pipes and when they came into existence. Equally, convinced people believe the Russians created them 2,400 years ago. Still, others say the United States started them in the 1930s. But the truth is, smoking pipes date back over five thousand years.

With that, if you know nothing about pipes except you can use them to consume tobacco or cannabis, your knowledge leads to Africa.

Archaeological Importance of Smoking Pipes

Usually, pottery or stone smoking pipes make up archaeological artifacts of past civilizations. That is to say; the materials last a long time in the ground. Moreover, if a dating process can classify style, smoking pipes are an indication of their creation.

What Archaeological Smoking Pipes Tell Us

We see that archaeologists have classified sites into two groups. Based on the type of pipes the groups used, they have organized the Afroasiatic’s and the Nilotic’s.

On the one hand, the Afroasiatic group used an elbow-bend style characterized by a long stem from the stone, clay, or wood base. Associated with this style of smoking pipe is tobacco.

The Nilotic, on the other hand, used a barrel-style smoking pipe. These are small clay pots found in Africa’s Eastern, Southern and Central areas. Attached to the chamber, is the barrel. Hence the name. Associated with this style of smoking pipe is often cannabis.

Unlike the Afroasiatic and Nilotic groups, it is unknown if preserved earth pipes from southern Africa exist.

Earth smoking pipes from southern Africa.

The Evolution of Smoking Pipes

Accordingly, smoking pipes have come a long way. Glass and metal now replace pottery, despite it was the one-time material of choice. In turn, people started getting creative with their designs to add an artistic touch.

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Three Types of Pipes:

Hand Pipes

Hand pipes are easy and portable, certainly making them one of the best ways to smoke on the go.


Bubblers are smoking pipes that use a flame to heat the smoke before reaching the mouthpiece. One type of bubbler has a removable bowl while the other is one piece. Similarly, both are portable and easy to clean.


The water cools off the smoke with a bong. Five pieces make up this smoking pipe:

  1. Water fills the base or bottom.
  2. Then, a tube fits into the bottom.
  3. The carb is a hole in the bottom of the pipe for clean airflow.
  4. Pack the bowl with the good-good.
  5. The percolator creates bubbles.


In conclusion, smoking pipes are an identifying symbol for Africans and a culture-marker for African Americans due to the group’s history with hemp plantations.

You can find different types of pipes on the market as a result of their evolution. The tradition is so widespread that many artists use pipes as their subject matter. Wooden, metal, and glass smoking pipes today come in different shapes and sizes. Some come with decorations such as beads, carvings, or patterns adorning them.

With that said, there is indeed a pipe for every smoker. That is to say; it’s not just the act of smoking that brings people together, but also the way they smoke together.

Do you think ancient smokers named their pipes like we do today? Let us know by dropping a picture below of your favorite smoking pipe. Don’t forget to let us know what you call it.


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How Texas Lawmakers Seek To Change Legalization Laws

Covid-19 disrupted Texas’ budget causing a $4.6 billion pit. Texas Democratic lawmakers are optimistic about legalizing and taxing recreational cannabis use. However, Texans are keeping calm about this happening anytime soon.

Legalization could hold a new source of revenue for the Lone Star State. Three lawmakers are posing legislation revealing the opportunities.

Democrat State Senator Roland Gutierrez filed SB 140, which would allow recreational use for adults 21 and older estimated at $3.2 billion in state incomings and 30,000 jobs. Gutierrez’s bill, also known as the “Real Solutions Act,” claims a tax on products to fund border security and schools. Importantly, it would make room for law enforcement to pursue serious offenses.

Democrat Jessica González filed House Bill 3248. In her bill, it provides counties to foster ordinances that would legalize recreational use of cannabis within their district. The bill stipulates a tax on cannabis products and revenue directed towards cannabis regulation, testing, quality control, and distribution to local governments for oversight. The Foundation School Fund would receive the remainder. 

González also filed HB 3249, which prohibits judges from issuing warrants for community supervision violations based on a positive THC drug test.

Democrat Representative and Chairwoman of the Public Health Committee Stephanie Klick filed HB 1535. The bill would expand on the current Texas Compassionate Use Program. Her legislation proposal would include Cancer, Chronic Pain, and PTSD for Veterans in its expansion. Further, it would allow adding new qualifying conditions to be done by the Department of State Health Services administrative rule-making process.

As aforementioned, the bills could transform Texas cannabis laws. Full legalization would be the most profound measure. However, there remain several traditionalists to be educated by the nontraditional groups.


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How CBD Serums Can Help Improve Your Sex Life

The potential benefits of CBD could be ideal for men who do not want to take medications to treat anxiety-related erectile dysfunction.

Cannabidiol, aka CBD, is an organic component found in hemp plants. CBD has no psychoactive effects, which means you will not feel high. Nevertheless, CBD can provide numerous advantages that will enhance your life in your bedroom.

Here is how CBD could be just what is missing.

Love Me More Infused Sensual Serum was created to promote a healthier alternative to traditional intimacy products by offering a CBD infused serum consumer tested to increase sensual moisture and penile blood flow for lovemaking enhancement.

Love Yourself More with Love Me More Infused!

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Partnership with Love Me More Infused Sensual Products

Its widely recognized CBD inhibits inflammation, improves the blood supply, and quiets muscles in the body. It can lead to stronger orgasms for some women because of higher stimuli. It may even support others who have discomfort while they are trying to get their groove on.

CBD studies published in the Journal of Affective Disorders found that CBD lowered anxiety levels, stress, and depression. The potential benefits of CBD could be ideal for men who do not want to take medications to treat anxiety-related erectile dysfunction.

Another boudoir benefit is it improves receptiveness to touch and stimulation. So CBD serum may be just the thing if you need help rising to the occasion. Besides, CBD offers inspiration to mindset. It increases the ecstasy neurotransmitter, anandamide, and oxytocin, known as the cupcake hormone. 

CBD oil serums differ from lubricants. Lubricates include ingredients such as glycerin that may cause inflammation and yeast infections. Serums are oil-based with lactobacillus ferment that helps to combat bacterial vaginosis or BV. It works to level the PH balance in the vaginal area. However, oils can weaken the durability of latex condoms.

It is best to apply or take CBD early. Doing so gives you sufficient time to feel its effects. To note, it could take some experimentation to find the right product to get you to your happy place. 

See what folks are saying about Love Me More Infused Sensual Serum

In conclusion, bringing CBD into your bed-chamber is perhaps the furthest thing from your mind, but adding CBD before knocking the boots could be the perfect experience of intimacy that you are looking to have.

Have you tried a CBD serum? Drop us a splash emoji in the comments below.


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Here’s What No One Tells You About Online Dispensaries

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Usage is increasing for online cannabis retailers, and their success has many factors. Most people may not live in places that have local dispensaries. Then some folks want their medical marijuana usage to be confidential. And others can not leave their home.

You may feel somewhat uncomfortable about shopping on a digital platform, but as long as you are knowledgeable, there are many advantages of purchasing marijuana from an online dispensary.

Here are three benefits to ordering cannabis online.

Effortless Experience

There is no need to worry if the dispensary is open. You can easily visit the website, select your medicine, and wait for its delivery to your mailbox. This option is perfect for people with medical conditions so they can avoid public transportation.

Plethora of Inventory

Online sites have bigger and better goods for their customers and a large assortment of choices. Besides, when you shop from these websites, you get quality items within minimum time. And, there is no rush for making buying decisions.


Since online dispensaries have a vast stock, they provide you with the same as in-store, but at discounted prices. Moreover, individuals suffering to pay their medical bills may take advantage of online weed dispensaries because of financial reasons.

As aforementioned, shopping online dispensary gives you access to an abundance of products and provides customers with a wide range of alternatives, all from the comfort of your couch. 

Which online dispensary do you use? Drop a link in the comments below.

Legalization By State 2021

This is a short article about what states have medical marijuana!

Did you know that “What states have medical marijuana?” was among the top questions posed in December 2020 on Google, with around 10,000 inquiries for the “medical marijuana states” term?

The personal use of cannabis has been permitted by 11 states, while other states have introduced medicinal cannabis initiatives for individuals. The remainder continues to uphold federal law’s listing of cannabis as a Schedule 1 substance.

Even though legalization is consistently expanding, explicit cannabis access laws in respective states continue to be ambiguous for several folks. Simply put, people can not keep pace with which state has permitted what in regards to cannabis.

Here is a great reference article from Weed News. It lists medical cannabis states, including their situations for eligibility.

Map of Marijuana Legalization in 50 States (Source: Weed News)

Do you have any details on the developments in these states? Let us know in the comments below!

6 Super Dope Black and Brown Cannabis Blogs To Find Inspiration

If you’re looking for black and brown blogs to follow or if you’re looking to start your own cannabis blog, we have 5 diverse blogs to follow on an array of cannabis niches. Read on!

Blog posts should be engaging with helpful content that makes people want to read more. Successful blog creators know how to communicate with their target audience because they recognize how their audience thinks and feels. If you are looking for dope black and brown cannabis blogs that identify with your needs, here are six blogs to follow to find inspiration.

1. Marijuana Matters Green Light Blog

Marijuana Matters identifies and eliminates barriers to economic opportunity for those disadvantaged by marijuana criminalization.

2. HubCityMama

Marquisa Jones -Founder of Lola’s Kisses, is a mom of five straight out of Compton trying to pursue her dreams, do arts & crafts with the kids, drink water, and do squats while bumping Lil Kim.

3. Texas Cannabis Today

Texas Cannabis Today is a cannabis lifestyle, digital and physical publication that celebrates the best cannabis in Texas. We are here to amplify cannabis education and voices in Texas. We feature entrepreneurs, products and report on the future of technology in hemp.

4. M4MM Blog

M4MM’s mission is to focus on advocacy, outreach, research, and training related to the business, social reform, public policy, and health /wellness in the cannabis industry.

5. Berkley and Alameda County Cannabis Blog

The Farmacy Berkeley design is to make learning about and buying cannabis as empowering and inviting as possible. Education is an enormous part of our mission—we do not just see ourselves as a retailer but as a resource pushing the conversation about cannabis forward and informing those who might be new to cannabis overall.

6. Blunt Blowin’ Mama

Shonitria has developed a presence and platform to aid and inspire other moms who publicly – or may want to – consume cannabis. She acknowledges the need for black and brown cannabis moms in the cannabis industry and welcomes the change with Blunt Blowin’ Mama!

We hope our list has helped you in both design and content if your goal was to find inspiration from a new blog.

Which black and brown blogs do you follow? Let us know in the comments below.

Sativa vs Indica: An Easy to Understand Guide

If you are in a dispensary buying cannabis, you might peep the budtender ask: Indica or Sativa? What is the difference? Well, to get the best medicine, it is essential to understand the differences. So we will show you the most visible differences in their look, scent, and effects.

The two main varieties of cannabis used for medicinal and recreational purposes are Sativa and Indica.


Many report Sativa’s head-high as an energizing, stimulating effect that can help relieve stress and anxiety and enhance productivity and focus. Indica strains generally give a “body high” effect, such as increasing restful sleep and reducing insomnia.

Numerous effects are generated by individual plants, often from the same species of cannabis. Everything depends on the composition of the plant and the growing process used. Usually, Sativa and Indica are broken-down into particular strains or breeds.


Strains have specific cannabinoids and terpene materials. These substances are what decide the overall effects. Researchers might still not know what the other cannabinoids do. However, two major ones, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are recognized.

Strains to Recognize

Acapulco GoldSativa0.1%15-23%Fatigue, stress, nausea, pain
Purple KushIndica<1%17-22%Chronic pain, muscle spasms, insomnia
Sour DieselSativa<1%20-22%Fatigue, stress, acute pain, mental fog, anxiety, PTSD
Granddaddy PurpleIndica<0.1%17-23%Low appetite, restless leg syndrome, insomnia
Chart Source
Sour Diesel Vs Granddaddy Purple

At the End of the Day

If you’re curious about how cannabis could benefit you, speak with a doctor or other health professional and join a cannabis group or three. They will explore the possible positive and negative effects to help you find a strain that suits your needs and offer support throughout your journey.

Then, you will start exploring your alternatives. It may take time to find the right solution for you. You could also discover that cannabis isn’t your jam.

You may visit a dispensary and speak to a skilled staff member if you live in a legalized state or an online dispensary for more information. To meet your specific needs, they may be able to suggest unique strains or other products that help you. 

Do you prefer Sativa or Indica to treat your conditions? Let us know in the comments below.

Blogging Your Cannabis Business 101

Cannabis companies have restrictions on how they advertise their products, services, and brands regardless of the growth and the increasing public acceptance of the industry.

When you share interesting and educational blog content that aligns with your target audience, there is a better opportunity for them to share it through their social media profiles with friends and fans. Those shares give you two things: brand awareness and traffic to your site.

61% of US costumers have agreed to have made a purchase based on a blog post or follow advice given by a blogger.


Are you lost as to where to start? We got you covered. Here is a brief intro to get you going.

What is Blogging?

Blogging began in the late nineties. Since 9/11, a ton of new or re-centered sites have redesigned the internet media environment. Today blogging has found its way to being an essential part of online culture.

Think of it as a digital version of journaling. Journal entries evolved from journal logs to web-log. Then from web-log, it was shortened to blog (we(blog).

Why Blog?

People blog for reasons, such as writing about their personal experiences, getting money, sharing knowledge, engaging customers, etc. The most common reason people blog is they get to write out their passion which should be the main reason for blogging for any writer.

If you are here, you have a passion for the plant – blogging offers an avenue to educate your audience and show a personable side to your brand while becoming a trusted brand and a valued member of the community.

Studies show 70% of consumers learn about a company through articles, rather than ads.


Blogging Best Practices.

Blogs are updated frequently, meaning new content is uploaded several times a week. Also, they allow the reader to engage through comments to discuss topics.

  • Be conversational. Think of it as a two-way conversation.
  • Be a storyteller. Remember Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
  • Keep it under 400 words. Make it short and sweet.


Blogs are a strength. It’s 2021, and if you are a business owner who has not started a blog yet, it should be a primary goal for you.

As long as you have a passion for the topics your write about, people will feel your energy and value your work!

Do you plan to start a blog? Let us know in the comments section below.

1619: The Summer That Connects America, Hemp and African-Americans Forever

There is a piece of history in the United States that ties slavery and the hemp industry. Interestingly, these two go hand-in-hand. At the hand of one man in 1619, to add to that. I imagine you have heard of the year before, but here is how it applies to African-Americans and American hemp.

Our story takes place in the United States in the first permanent English settlement, Jamestown, Virginia. The newly appointed Governor of Virginia, Sir George Yeardley, introduced self-government in the colony on July 30, 1619, calling for the first representative legislative assembly in America.

First Assembly, Yeardly seated in red.

Yeardley granted white male voters new political control then enacted the decree of King James I asking Jamestown the landowners to grow and export 100 hemp plants to help the effort in England. It was encouraged for manufacture because hemp was a fiber resource for sails, cordage, and rough bagging.

Hemp Plant.

While Yeadly proved to be a pinnacle political figure in what would eventually become the United States, he would the same summer make slavery central to America’s development.

On August 20, 1619, when 20+ Angolans were brought to the Virginia Colony by Captain Jope aboard The White Lion, carrying the flag of a Dutch port notorious for its pirates, Yeardly deprived captured people from West-Central Africa of their liberty and freedom.

First captured Africans sold in America.

Governor Yeardley, and his head merchant Abraham Piersey, were the first to go on record to purchase the first Africans to be sold into forced labor, exchanging “20 odd negros” for food. Eventually, Yeardly became one of the largest English slave owners in The Colonies.

In closing, the acts in the summer of 1619, orchestrated by one man who influenced the creation of our country’s greatest disgrace. It is imperative to know our history in the hemp industry as more black and brown people join the cannabis culture and welcome the date as a starting point to reshape our African-American narrative in the United States.

Photo by August de Richelieu on

What tidbits of African-American Hemp history do you know about the industry?

Let us know in the comments below.

Love Me More Infused Sensual Serum was created to promote a healthier alternative to traditional intimacy products by offering a CBD infused serum consumer tested to increase sensual moisture and penile blood flow for lovemaking enhancement.

Love Yourself More with Love Me More Infused!

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Partnership with Love Me More Infused Sensual Products


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