Heyy Y’all! I’m Shawmeeka Noland, Founder of Cann I Work and the online course #NichesGetRiches. I was born in Colorado and raised in Wichita Falls, TX. Growing up in the Kemp Edition, on the Eastside of Wichita Falls, TX in the 70’s, I witnessed the affects of the war on marijuana/drugs in my community. when my family and I would encounter “checkpoints” on Sundays. It was tradition for families after church and Sunday dinner to load up the car, cross the tracks and head to Williams Park. The checkpoints were set up by the police on the main roads leading to and leaving the Park. During the day, I would see police checking IDs to their lists of names while Black and Brown men were handcuffed and placed in police cars. When it was time to leave the Park, red and blue lights held us in with another checkpoint at both exits where the process happened all over again.

In 1988 I watched the trailers for the movie Colors. I knew fasho it wouldn’t come to Sikes Six theaters. I was partially right. On the day of it’s release it didn’t go to the mall theater, it went directly to the dollar movie. Everyone from the community went to see the movie, it was the talk at school, and the soundtrack was booming out of every car. However, it was the spark that ignited drug & gang violence in the community. It left

lead to divides in the community, drug addiction. In 2017, I was finishing up my last semester at USC when I was given an assignment to develop, and pitch a mock social work business. After watching a Netflix documentary about the green rush sweeping the nation, and with it the opportunities to create sustainable solutions for social equity, I began to immerse myself in the cannabis community. Throughout the process I becamefound myself asking two questions, “Cann I Work” in the cannabis space in a non-legal state, “Cann I Work” to create a space for for and “Cann I Work” to advocate for legalization? I discovered the values of social work perfectly aligned with ethical practices in the cannabis industry. 

If I had “Cann I” questions, others might have them too. So we set out to bring awareness to unique community and the plant by creating the Cann I Work Facebook page to educate, empower and engage others. Since then, The Cann I Work Community, a media outlet of Texas cannabis space headlines, products, and services was created. And now,  Cann I Work offers the cannabis curious a website of social media resources connecting folks with “Cann I” questions to professionals, experts, and businesses pioneering the Texas cannabis industry.  In our efforts to remove stigma, we believe it’s important to show the human side of the plant.

“It’s an exciting time, around an exciting plant. We are grateful to be a part of it”.