Legalization By State 2021

This is a short article about what states have medical marijuana!

Did you know that “What states have medical marijuana?” was among the top questions posed in December 2020 on Google, with around 10,000 inquiries for the “medical marijuana states” term?

The personal use of cannabis has been permitted by 11 states, while other states have introduced medicinal cannabis initiatives for individuals. The remainder continues to uphold federal law’s listing of cannabis as a Schedule 1 substance.

Even though legalization is consistently expanding, explicit cannabis access laws in respective states continue to be ambiguous for several folks. Simply put, people can not keep pace with which state has permitted what in regards to cannabis.

Here is a great reference article from Weed News. It lists medical cannabis states, including their situations for eligibility.

Map of Marijuana Legalization in 50 States (Source: Weed News)

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