Sativa vs Indica: An Easy to Understand Guide

If you’re in a dispensary buying cannabis, you might peep the budtender ask: indica or sativa? “What’s the difference?” – is the first thing I asked. Come to find out, it’s essential to understand the differences in order to respond to the question to get the best medicine for your needs. So we’re going to show you the most visible differences in their look, scent, and effects.

The two major varieties of cannabis used for a range of medicinal and recreational purposes are Sativa and Indica.


Many report the “head high” of sativa as an energizing, stimulating effect that can help relieve stress and anxiety and enhance productivity and focus. Indicas are typically correlated with “body high” effects, such as increasing restful sleep and reducing insomnia in users.

Numerous effects are generated by individual plants, often from the same species of cannabis. Everything depends on the composition of the plant and the growing process used. Usually, sativa and indica are broken down into particular strains or breeds.


Strains are characterized by their specific cannabinoid and terpene material. These substances are what decide the overall effects of the strain. Researchers might still not know what the other cannabinoids do, however two major ones, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), have been recognized.

Strains to Recognize

Acapulco GoldSativa0.1%15-23%Fatigue, stress, nausea, pain
Purple KushIndica<1%17-22%Chronic pain, muscle spasms, insomnia
Sour DieselSativa<1%20-22%Fatigue, stress, acute pain, mental fog, anxiety, PTSD
Granddaddy PurpleIndica<0.1%17-23%Low appetite, restless leg syndrome, insomnia
Chart Source
Sour Diesel Vs Granddaddy Purple

At the End of the Day

If you’re curious about how cannabis could benefit you, speak with a doctor or other health professional and join a cannabis group or three. They will explore the possible positive and negative effects to help you find a strain that suits your needs and offer support throughout your journey.

Then, your alternatives will start to be explored. It may take time to find the right solution for you. You could also discover that cannabis just isn’t your jam.

You may visit a dispensary and speak to a skilled staff member if you live in a state that has legalized cannabis, or visit any online dispensary for more information. To meet your specific needs, they may be able to suggest unique strains or other products to help you. 

Do you prefer sativa or indica to treat your conditions? Let us know in the comments below.

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