Tips for Cannabis Education Content Marketing

Educational content marketing has a double advantage. One, it positions you as an expert in the market. The other clear the haze on a frequently criticized commodity. In the cannabis space, each piece of content produced can enhance the trust of our audience.

However, we know that making an impact takes time and commitment.

Here are four tips for how we can best focus our cannabis education energy.

Identify the Mood

People are undoubtedly more conscious than ever about their quality of life. They may be keener to learn more about cannabis and depression or trying to cultivate cannabis. Develop content that resonates with your target audience’s urgent needs and desires.

Simplify the Products

Folks know less about cannabis than you would think. Researchers at the University of Buffalo and the University of Michigan found little user awareness of cannabinoids and dosages.

The University of Michigan asked regular users what they considered to be appropriate doses of cannabis and CBD. The majority of people did not know, even though two-thirds consume cannabis daily.

Develop a Content Niche

We should carve out a space for ourselves in our journey to communicate the culture of cannabis to our audience. People so much content that they only tune in to important topics. Get to know your audience. What matters to them?

Serialize it

After you’ve developed your content, consider a strategy where you repurpose a subject. You will have the luxury of delving deeper into a topic and building a history as a topic expert for your audience.

Which topics do you discuss with your cannabis audience? Let us know in the comments below.


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