#Juneteenth | The cannabis industry promised social justice. The moment demands that we now deliver.

May 30, 2020 OPINION & EDITORIAL By Brandon Dorfman

When Colorado legalized cannabis almost a decade ago, positive social upheaval took a slight step forward. It gave the masses of activists who’d fought during the intervening years something new towards which they could aspire — hope. Amendment 64 would usher in a new era of criminal justice with an emphasis on the latter half of the term, as the state slightly relaxed the burdens of America’s longstanding War on Drugs.

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Craft Cannabis/Hemp Producer

Ramiro Rosas

Early statistics showed that the death of prohibition was a successful step forward for social justice, as 80 percent fewer Coloradans caught a cannabis charge after the implementation of legal weed.

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Resource: www.potnetwork.com

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