#Juneteenth | Take a Look at the Benefits of Magic Mushrooms for African-Americans!

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Have you heard of magic shrooms? I have. Like many others in our community, I believed it would make me crazy and frankly, it was “white folks” drugs.

Well, take a trip with Angie X. She give some great insight into the taboo topic in the African-American community. The key to unlocking our FREEDOM. Psychologically and spiritually.

In this video, The Black Medusa gives us the 411 about it’s history, dosages and how to achieve the highest benefits from it.

Shrooms aren’t for eveyone. However, they could be the very plant to help heal our community. Have you tried magic muchrooms? Drop a comment below to let us know your experience.

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Author: Cann I Work

"It's important for us to show the human side of the plant"

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