#THC2020 | An Interview with Dionne Davidson of Houston Academy of Cannabis Science

Tell us about Nu-Wellness Today.

Our grand opening was January 4, 2020. Our store is located at 11005 Fuqua St., Houston, TX 77089. The community was receptive when we opened. The people come in to see what we have and tell us thank you, this is what we need. They respect us because we really care.

What’s Nu-Wellness Today’s best selling products?

Our best seller is our Support Recovery cream. I absolutely love it. We’ve recieved great feedback. It really does help with pain relief.

We also have our 1200 mg Ultra. Very, very popular. We’re really excited about it and look forward to seeing what happens next.

What have been some challenges to getting started?

It’s probably people not taking us seriously because we’re women and we’re still learning. We’ve successfully had two hundred plus people come through the program. Some have gone on to start their own businesses. We feature our students’ products too.

We let the naysayers nay. We have a goal and we’re focused on that. So all of the negative energy, we just don’t see it. We believe the law of attraction is everything. It’s meant for you if you put it out there. Always be positive, there are no mistakes. We’re doing our thing. 

Are you still figuring out what you can achieve in the hemp market?

Let us help!

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