#THC2020 | Everybody’s Going to Know Who Elevate Is

What have been some challenges to starting Elevate? 

I think the biggest challenge that we’ve probably run into is just coming to Market in a sense of making sure that our social media is structured and solidified because people are asking for it. The brand looks amazing and people see it now. That was our biggest focus, and that’s how we have had to differentiate from other brands out there. 

We’re coming to make a splash on the market.

Elevate Papers

We wanted to focus on the brand. We have a good team and a good support system. Any difficulties that we cross, we’re able to get drawn because we have a strong team. So, we work together, and we’re pushing through it. It’s not really nothing that’s going to stop us.

Rethinking Fun

We have two goals that we stand by and practice. We talk highly amongst each other, and we’re going to do what we gotta do in this market, in this game, in this industry. Everybody’s going to know who Elevate Papers is. We’re coming to make a splash on the market.

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