#THC2020 | Everybody’s Going to Know Who Elevate Is

What is Elevate?

So, basically Elevate is an all natural hemp rolling paper brand. A few of the things we embody for our brand is rethinking fun. You know, live your life, and just be free to be yourself. Our main quote that we live by is, “Today is a good day”, which is in print inside the booklet. We just want people to Elevate in the moment.

Photo Cred to Elevate Papers

How did Elevate Get Started? 

It started around an idea of something different coming to the market that’s not disruptive to the people. Usually when people think about rolling papers, they think of raw, and bamboo. However their quality over the years hasn’t been top-notch.

It’s going away from appealing to what’s the best quality product, to getting the product everywhere. Things that we strive for is having that slow consistent burn, not having residue buildup with that nasty aftertaste. 

We’re going up against the big dogs.

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"It's important for us to show the human side of the plant"

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