Texas Cannabis Business Alliance

An interview with Trey Tijerina, founder of Texas Cannabis Business Alliance

The #cannabis community consists of people from different walks of life, from diverse backgrounds. All with a vision. All with questions. Some ready to achieve personal control over their financial well-being. However, with consistently changing cannabis policies, Texans interested in entering the business can be unclear on how to legally get ahead of the green curve.

Finding organizations to join that help lift the barriers needed to guide cannabis curious folks to organically reach prosperity, are the sort of connections Trey Tijerina, Founder of Texas Cannabis Business Alliances is achieving.

With an array of services for job seekers, investors or individuals excited about the hemp and marijuana business, this organization is on its way to becoming a premier resource for Texas’ evolving industry. Keep reading to learn more about how this #TX420PIONEER  brings together professionals that speak from experience!

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Let’s get lifted!

Candy or Ice Cream?

Ice cream for sure

If you could be a cannabis superhero, what would your name be; why?

The GreenReefer

Can you share a quote or saying you love, that keeps you motivated?

No pressure, no diamond.

Dabbing into business!

How did you get started; why?

Got started investing in cannabis in 2013. Back then, there was maybe 2 dozen publicly traded cannabis companies at the time. Well, like a good portion of this industry. I have my share of black market experience. So, it made sense to me when they started legalizing it. Ever since then I have been contributing value anywhere I can.

I like being able to help cannabis business owners problem solved so that they can continue to service industry. I have a personal attachment with cannabis since I am a patient with ulcerative colitis disease. I have had my fair share of experiencing different products and administration methods over the years. Watching and being a part of innovating this industry is well worth the investment.

What services/products are offered?

Well, I run a couple, but just relating to Texas Cannabis Business Alliance, we just launched and initially, our goals are to help interested Texans participate in the cannabis industry. Whether they want to seek a job, kick off a startup, deploy capital in the industry or want to just contribute their skill sets to organizations, we want to help them achieve things like that.

We will be doing cannabis-themed events that will be a variety of things. We will bring in professionals that service the industry like business owners that can speak from experience. We are also looking to throw what we want to call skill set events where we focus on a specific skill set. That could be extraction and it’s many different methods. It could be cultivation or going over genetics, and there is a slew of other things that we have cooking up.

The skill sets are going to be in high demand with a booming Texas cannabis industry. So make sure you follow us or check out our website to catch the events that match your curiosities within the industry.

What are your hours of operation?


What have been some of your greatest accomplishments?

Well, I’m still fairly young at 26. I feel that the only way I can answer that is something with my parenting. I think every day I can continue to be the dad I want to be. I am accomplishing little by little that will eventually result in a semi-finished product that will one day look at me and tell me how grateful she is that I was the parent I was. And she’ll go into depth, about the things I did, with me as she uncovers these things in her young adult and adult life. Those are the moments I look forward to.

What can people expect?

Expect innovation and a hunger for excellence. I think this industry will unlock a lot for mankind but it also will be a segway to an even bigger movement.

Tell me about a time when you had to overcome a major roadblock. How did you approach the situation?

I can’t think of a particular roadblock, but I can tell you how I try to consistently approach any situation of distress. I am beginning to be as receptive as I can so that I can understand the full nature of the situation, and I come up with empathetic solutions if possible so that things can get better than they were, instead of worse from the roadblock.

What excites you the most about being an industry pioneer?

The people that it brings. I have deep bonds with people on all levels of my life and I look forward to the characters I meet that may or may not play a major role in my life and my career.

What’s Next for you?

Helping the world heal their minds and free themselves from their own impronment. At the same time educate my daughter and hope to change the way we educate children as well.

Let’s pass it around!

What’s some advice you would give cannabis-curious folks seeking reliable and accurate information?

Join newsletters and attend local events. Even attend events that are out of state if it makes sense for your situation. Surfing the Internet takes too much time, if you can find organizations that put out good information and content then you should see if they offer a way to give it to you directly via email. You are more than welcome to join Texas cannabis business alliance newsletter!

What’s some advice you would give someone wanting to enter the Texas cannabis industry?

You can’t do it on your own. You will need collaborative efforts. Be ready to adapt quickly when the industry decides it changes for the worse or better. Be as informed as you can and always look for your competitive advantage because it’s just starting and it’s only going to get hotter.

Where do you see Texas with legalization in 2019?

I see us opening the parameters for qualifying conditions under our program. I see them awarding new licenses and going through another process. I expect they change the verbiage from “prescribe cannabis” to “recommend cannabis” in the literature. Those are basic assumptions for me but it could look really sketchy in another opinion of mine. We will see with time.

What’s the #1 thing people can do to advocate for legalization?

Find someone who is in the mix doing what you want to be doing, befriend them on social media and ask them how you can participate. The industry, for the most part, is giving with info and very welcoming.

What is something you wish more people knew about Cannabis?

It’s many different use cases with hemp and how, if we lead it, it could change the world.

Where people can find you on social media/web?

I would prefer if you reached out to the businesses/organizations but if it’s a more personal matter, by all means, you can follow me and reach out. Trey Tijerina is Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and I do have a Twitter that I’m not as much on.

@texascanna for TCBA
@NTXCannagroup for NTXCG

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