Texas Cannabis Association

An Interview with Paulita Gordon, Founder of Texas Cannabis Association

The positive perception of #marijuana is growing in America. According to Pew Research Center, 74% of Millennials, 63% of Gen Xers, and 54% of Baby Boomers say #cannabis use should be legal. At the forefront of this change has, and always will be education.  

During these transformative times, it’s important to have change agents to pilot specific information, product knowledge, and resources that fit individual needs. Paulita Gordon, Founder of Texas Cannabis Association, makes learning options available specific to Texans including staying on top of laws to keep us lawfully equipped.

So, if you’re new to Texas or Texas-born, this Fort Worth girl’s one-stop location for everything cannabis is helping to promote awareness while reshaping opinion to remove the stigma around the plant. Keep reading to learn more about how this #TX420PIONEER keeps her focus!

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Let’s get lifted!

Candy or Ice Cream?


If you could be a cannabis superhero, what would your name be; why?

CannaDiva – Deliverer of the Universe’s medicine.

Can you share a quote or saying you love, that keeps you motivated?

You can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you.

Dabbing into business!

How did you get started; why?

I attended a class and saw how I could fit in this industry.

What services/products are offered?

Education, referral and testing verification.

What are your hours of operation?

M-F 9 to 5 Saturday’s Varied

What have been some of your greatest accomplishments?

Networking with industry hopefuls and business partnerships

What can people expect?

People can expect an advocate for quality products and referrals to verified businesses who value quality to the consumer.

Tell me about a time when you had to overcome a major roadblock. How did you approach the situation?

I pray always and ask my Savior for guidance.

What excites you the most about being an industry pioneer?

I’m excited to affect change in a positive way.

What’s Next for you?

Expanding education.

Let’s pass it around!

What’s some advice you would give cannabis-curious folks seeking reliable and accurate information?

Always do your homework!!!

What’s some advice you would give someone wanting to enter the Texas cannabis industry?

Get educated not just on the plant but on the businesses and the laws.

Where do you see Texas with legalization in 2019?

It’s definitely coming.

What’s the #1 thing people can do to advocate for legalization?

Call your local representative. Be visible!!!

What is something you wish more people knew about Cannabis?

That it is NOT a drug.

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