Get Lit Get Fit!

An interview with Makenna Maness, Founder of Get Lit Get Fit

A #community is a social group, large or small, that has something in common albeit values or religion. And, it shares a sense of place, including virtual space via social platforms. Whether its face-to-face or Facebook posts, educating people about the plant, and its benefits are key elements to the #cannabis community.

The stigma around #cannabis often leaves people unsure how to #educate themselves without being discovered. Amanda Hughes-Munson, founder of Higher Education Texas and educator at Dallas Fort Worth Academy of Cannabis Science, offers people a nurturing group on Facebook to talk or ask questions.

With a background as a medical esthetician, her passion for wellness and education helps shape the #Texas cannabis industry by providing intimate services for cannabis curious folks to educate, empower and engage for a better quality of life. Keep reading to learn more about how this #TX420PIONEER plans to seek out more education opportunities to change hearts and minds about the cannabis community!

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Let’s Get Lifted!

Sweet or salty?


Drops or Salve?

Depends on what I’m treating

If you could add anyone from the cannabis industry to Mount Rushmore who would it be; why?

Makenna answered she could add Me to Mt. Rushmore! Move over Lincoln 😀

Dabbing into business!

How did you get started; why?

I was losing my life to PTSD induced anorexia and cannabis was the only thing that helps. I was tired of the stigma around it and wanted to create a community for those that believe in cannabis as a tool for wellness.

What services/products are offered?

Regular outdoor events filled with games and activities for advocates, T-shirts online; money goes to medical patients in need of cannabis treatment

What are your hours of operation?


Get Lit Get Fit Together offers safe and family-friendly events!

What have been some of your greatest accomplishments?

Successfully creating a space for wellness and cannabis advocates to come together and GET LIT and FIT! Raising money for medical patients in need.

What can people expect?

Positivity, community, awareness, support, and education.

Tell me about a time when you had to overcome a major roadblock. How did you approach the situation?

When I first started Get Lit Get Fit, those around me did not believe in it. They thought I was ridiculous trying to start anything cannabis-related in Texas. I continued to push forward and have met MANY that believe in this cause!

What excites you the most about being an industry pioneer?

Truly changing the lives of others through education and support.

What’s Next for you?

Growth and big plans! 

Pass it around!

What’s some advice you would give cannabis-curious folks seeking reliable and accurate information?

Never be afraid to ask questions or do your research! Enlightenment is everything.

What’s some advice you would give someone wanting to enter the Texas cannabis industry?

Be brave, respectful, and kind! We are a resilient community, but we are warm.

Where do you see Texas with legalization in 2019?

It’s time to legalize!!

What’s the #1 thing people can do to advocate for legalization?

Share your information. Don’t be shy. Education and communication are key!

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